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RUN BTS! SEASON 3 RECAP- Part 2 -EPISODES 77-88: A Promise, Together Forever

Too busy to catch up with the other 73,292,816 BTS content? Don’t worry, we are back with the Run BTS! Season 3 recap. If you finally decided to watch (or re-watch) the show, a friendly reminder from us: turn the volume down headphone users. 달려라 방탄!

Food Fest

As we already mentioned in the previous recap blog, food surely became a fundamental part of the show. The 77th and 78th episodes are basically concentrated on food games. But first, the boys were busy fighting for the right to use “Kim Seokjin” as their team name since Jin became the MC of the day. From “What’s On The Buffet” to “20 Questions about Food” and “Food Bingo”, these games made BTS so excited that Jimin accidentally fell off his chair!

Friend.. Or Foe?

One of the best parts of Run BTS! is when the members need to gang up and form an alliance to win a game, only to watch it crumble at the end because, well.. they can only count on themselves, right? This season revealed some of the biggest ‘betrayals’ in BTS’ history and what a good, 10-minutes-laugh we had! Some of our favorites are when Jin tricked Jimin into exchanging all of his cards without getting a heart from the staff in the 79th episode. At the end, Jin surprisingly became the winner of the “Operation 007” game in the 80th episode, with 21 hearts. The other members were completely clueless (seriously, the look on their faces... Everyone thought they were the winners!).

The betrayal continued in the VR Games episodes (ep. 81-82). Both j-hope and SUGA lost and had to take the penalty, which was escaping a horror room. But both of them also had a wild card from the previous games to transfer their penalty to whoever they wanted. j-hope willingly wanted to take the penalty along with SUGA, but SUGA made a last minute decision and used his card to choose Jin. j-hope, felt betrayed and finally used his card, and he chose SUGA to take the penalty. Now that’s what we call a plot twist!

But the funniest moment must be from the “Hangul Day” episodes (ep. 86-88), where Jimin put a high value on his friendship with V and, quite literally, showed his back to him only to be stabbed at the end. They needed to play hide-and-seek while collecting Hangul alphabets, but it’s not Run BTS! without a special rule. Each one of them had a specific BTS member to tag with stickers, and Jimin spent the whole time believing that his tagger was not V. V then took advantage of his friend’s faith and freely tagged Jimin with every sticker he had, which made him the winner of the night (wow, he got a scooter!). He almost risked his friendship with Jimin.

Summer With a Splash of Water

Summer themed episodes are always fun to watch! This time, BTS played various rounds of water leisure activities at Cheongpyeong Lake, such as water polo and water tubing, and more challenging ones like water slides, water obstacle races and blob jumping (while making funny faces, and this was really entertaining!). But the games were so intense that SUGA and j-hope needed a break for a while because they felt nauseous.

At the start, they were divided into two teams but as the games passed, it turned into “everyone vs Jungkook” because he was too good at these games. And this made the golden maknae flustered. But in the end, everyone became the winner and they wrapped up the outing with dinner by the shore while playing a Manito game.

As expected, SUGA gave Jin a set of his goods while Jin gave a self-made “Kore” keyring, RJ necklaces and a RJ phone case to RM. RM got SUGA a pair of underwear and claimed that “it was not his initial gift but something came up along the way”. V also gave a set of his image pickets to Jungkook, and Jungkook got j-hope two disposable cameras so he could “carry it around and take pictures when he’s going somewhere”. But what made ARMY (and BTS’) eyes teary was when we saw the meaningful gifts from Jimin and j-hope. Jimin gave V a set of bear figurines because he thought of how much V loves Winter Bear, which hadn’t been out at that time (yes, those were the same figurines that we saw on the cover image of Winter Bear!), while j-hope gave Jimin and the rest of BTS members a self-made CD of Jimin’s newly released solo single Promise, with photos of them together inside and a special, heart-touching message to congratulate him. They ended the night with taking pictures together with j-hope’s new disposable camera and wrote a caption “The 7 of them in the summer.”

As Jungkook said, Run BTS! allows them to experience a lot of new things, and we think it also applies to us ARMY. Worry not, we’re going to be back soon with Run BTS! Season 3’s recap part 3. Until then, purple you, ARMY~

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Lisa

Designed by: Leslie

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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