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After a year, Run BTS! came back for a second season on January 31, 2017. The series became a weekly show from episode 20 onward (released in May 2017).

The 46 episodes of the season covered 31 topics from drama to zombie fighting, and included creative penalties. Ready to go through a recap that involves lots of good memories, a handful of betrayals, shameless cheating, scaredy-cat outbreaks, elaborate rock-paper-scissors, and a pinch of bad faith, ARMY?

Dramas and Skits

This season kicked off with a BTS homemade script; they went back to school, and SUGA had to dress up as a (pretty) girl. This hilarious scenario, which involved the other members trying to seduce SUGA’s feminine doppelgänger, was immediately followed by another one. This time, they were either cops or robbers tangled in shenanigans at a police station run by “Incompetent Chief” SUGA.

Spies vs Secret Agents

Four episodes were granted with a running spy-game, and marked the beginning of a long story of trust issues between the members. While in RM’s hometown, they struggled to expose the spy in the waterpark episodes. They failed again at the Blue Village, where they had to find a sneaky intruder in the peaceful BTS village. They were all convinced that Jin was the enemy, when the blatant truth was elsewhere. After playing sly spies, they turned into secret agents for one episode. Well, all that we can say is that some of them are not big fans of the dark.


Since the series ran throughout the year, it made sense to get Chuseok and Lunar New Year dedicated episodes with Korean games. ARMY enjoyed a special 50th episode as well, during which they made their own Awards Ceremony, went to Lotte World at night to ride attractions, and solve quizzes for a prize worth 500,000 Won ($420 USD).

Sports, Fashion, and Workshop

Sports challenges are a recurrent theme in Run BTS! During season 2, BTS had a chance to make their own Winter Olympic Games at a snow park, play against each other’s strengths with ropes, and make their way through moving bridges, high platforms, and tricky webs which didn’t fit Jin and J-Hope’s fear of heights. The bowling was also memorable. ARMY, do you remember SUGA’s funny, yet efficient style? Game contests at the arcade were organized too. There, RM felt overexcited with DDR, while V, with a puck, accidentally endangered Jin’s future ability to have kids.

On another topic, back in the days, BTS had made a promise to style each other if they achieved Billboard Hot 100 Hits. They kept it, performing a hilarious fashion show which mixed classy, military, and other unique outfits.

BTS was also invited to test their pottery capabilities with a teacher. Meanwhile ARMY tested their ability not to die of laughter when V’s work fell on the ground, J-Hope re-enacted Ghost with RM, and Jin made a tower of a questionable form.

Games and Karaoke

ARMY had their first glimpse of a now-iconic UNO game with BTS during a board game competition. The boys also did an escape room where Jimin, J-Hope, RM, and Jungkook struggled heavily to find their way out.

What else? Singing, of course! They used their skills during the Variety show of memories episodes (ARMY, remember the Tomato song performed by the barely awake members?), and again when they gathered in a house to play marble customized games, dance, and yell in their karaoke mics. Later in the season, the marble game came back alongside a hectic game of Halli Galli.

If you want to cry out of laughter with the members, ARMY, you can replay the first episode of the Manito game when they jumped inside a photo zone, making faces. Or watch the Christmas special, in which they had to find ornaments for the tree, while J-Hope desperately tried to complete his secret mission by cutting off other members’ inflatable “pig-dolfs.” While you’re at it, why not have a look at the “shouting in silence” challenge in the second episode of the “Golden Bell show”? Jimin created an incredibly iconic moment shouting “largemorara” to Jin, who magically guessed the right answer, “carbonara”.

Cooking and Tasting

Eating being one of BTS’ favorite activities, it’s not a surprise to be gifted with several food-centered episodes. From a one-hour cooking challenge resulting with Jungkook’s recipe of sticky potatoes and V’s presentation skills involving a squirrel, to traditional kimchi preparation and coffee making with a professional; the members improved their cooking skills. Their taste buds were also challenged during the “Satisfaction of the Five Senses” episodes, where they blind-tested food and more.

Zombies vs Pets

The season produced a bundle of surprises. Surrounded by zombies in an amusement park, scared, yet amused BTS, had to complete missions to get free tickets for ARMY. Then, they learned how to communicate with dogs. While SUGA and V proved to be perfect instructors, making good partnership with their dog, Jin had no luck with his stubborn furry friend.

Penalties & Prices

As per usual, most of Run BTS! episodes ended with punishments or rewards. A lot of them involved food like the last four episodes of the season, whereas some were much more creative. From being spanked to washing a ton of dishes, or eating chocolate-tuna-mayo songpyeons, losers at Run BTS! had a hard time… Jimin can testify for this since he had to dance, while V was pouring water on his head. In the team of the unlucky ones, let’s count Jin in too. He’s ended up wearing a BT21’s Cooky outfit at the café, and a hanbok at the airport after losing challenges in the BTS x Manito episodes. RM and V happened to receive a tough punishment too, going together on a trip to Achasan Mountain at sunrise, on a cold winter day. Yet, despite their endless empathy towards the boys, ARMY cannot help but have fun finding out about the next punishment, can they?

As the season came to an end, the boys were asked to write and read letters to each other. ARMY, what would you write to BTS if you had a chance to tell them how you feel?

Written by: Hel. B

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: Kaitlyn


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