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Run BTS! Recap: Episodes 140-148 Guessing Games, Some Cooking, and BTS Village

Hello ARMY! Welcome back to the Run BTS! recap, where we will share many fond BTS moments from the show. Bangtan never fails to entertain, so let's get into it!

Special Collaboration

Run BTS! collaborated with the popular variety show, “The Game Caterers”, hosted by PD Na Young Seok. The show began with the boys playing the “attendance check” game, where they point at one member but say a different name.

Before the boys played another game, PD Na Young Seok appeared next to j-hope while his eyes were closed, surprising the poor rapper and the members. After the initial shock, they quickly became excited about collaborating with “The Game Caterers”.

First, BTS played the “Figure Quiz,” in which they had to guess the name of a famous person. If they got it wrong, they would lose an item from the Korean BBQ table, which motivated them to do well. However, being put on the spot had them promptly losing their items. For the music quiz, they had to guess the song based on a specific genre. The quiz was full of wrong answers, impromptu singing, and clever strategies. In the end, Jimin won the whole game.

Perfect Pairings

In episode 142, BTS cooked with South Korean chef Paik Jong Won, who worked with them in a previous episode. This was filmed during SUGA's recovery, so he was not in this episode.

They tested the chemistry between BTS through pairings and a few mini-games before two teams were created: Team Nappa Cabbage (Jin, V and Jungkook) and Team Green Onion (RM, j-hope and Jimin). Team cabbage made fresh kimchi and sujebi, while team green onion made green onion kimchi and jjajang ramen.

There were many funny, cute and even educational moments. Since the ingredients are easily accessible, ARMY can follow the recipes from the episode.

BTS' Storytime

In episode 143, we entered a world of children's stories. SUGA was still absent, but he did make an appearance at the end.

The members were given a quiz to test their knowledge. One particularly funny moment was when they had to name 3 stories involving a wolf, but it was the random answer of “Twilight” that caused laughter from everyone in the room.

The next segment involved them writing their stories in teams: Jimin, RM and V were on one team, and Jin, Jungkook and j-hope were on the other team. However, as the episode progressed, it turned into three groups: RM with Jimin, Jin with Jungkook, and j-hope with V.

First, there was “Cloud, the Warrior of the Earth,” written by RM and illustrated by Jimin. The second story was titled “A Single Strand,” written by Jin and illustrated by Jungkook. The third story was titled “A Spoonful of Heart,” written by V and illustrated by j-hope.

In the end, SUGA agreed to participate in the narration. He liked all three stories but chose “A Spoonful of Heart” as the most suitable for a children’s book.


Episode 144 had BTS exploring their music. The individual competition was divided into three rounds. Round one was the consonant quiz, round two was a picture speed quiz, and round three was chosen by ARMY through a survey.

For the first round, they read the consonants of the lyrics and guessed which song they were from. Each correct answer was worth 5 points. RM took the lead with 15 points. In round two, the members had to guess the song’s title from a member drawing it. Each answer was worth 10 points. V led this round with 35 points.

For round three, they guessed ARMY’s top 5 favorite songs through various themes. For example, the first theme was: “What song turned me into an ARMY?” The #1 answer was Boy With Luv, which RM got correct. Each answer was worth 10 points and a snack. In the end, V won, but they all enjoyed reminiscing on past songs.

BTS Village Joseon Dynasty

BTS went back to the Joseon Dynasty era for episodes 145-147. They followed a storyline in the Joseon era where they must find the lost ARMY headstone while also identifying a spy within the group.

They looked for clues scattered around the village while avoiding the royal army (Run BTS! staff). Each member had a role and a power they could activate after they collected specific items. After they explored for some time, round one was suddenly over. The members shared what they had found, although not everyone was being honest.

A few minutes into the last episode, the group eventually found the headstone. They gathered together to discuss the hints they found while also pleading their cases for their innocence. After a lot of bickering, RM, j-hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook were innocent as Jin and SUGA were revealed to be spies.

Fly to My Room and Design It!

In episode 148, BTS were tasked with interior designing a fake room in two teams led by the eldest members. Jin, j-hope, RM and V were on one team, with SUGA, Jungkook and Jimin on the other team.

They were quizzed about interior design, and if they answered correctly, they could get help from the production staff. SUGA’s team answered first, choosing a soft gray theme for their room. Jin’s team went with the other option, which was a dark blue theme.

After they assigned roles to each other, they built furniture and even painted the designated rooms. It was a new activity to see them in, and although they were only getting started, it looks like they are headed in an interesting direction.

We hope you enjoyed the recap. See you next time!

Written By: Lizette

Edited By: Cassie

Designed By: Achan

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