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Run BTS! Recap: Episodes 131-139 Lively Debates, Fun Missions and Table Tennis

Run BTS! is back to provide more entertainment and joy featuring our seven favorite boys! As always, these episodes were filled to the brim with creative tasks and wonderful mayhem. Let’s get into the recap!

A Splashing Debate

In episodes 131 and 132, BTS engaged in a 77-minute-long debate session, discussing multiple topics that revolved around what kind of food they preferred (for example, soft versus hard peach) and their daily habits (whether they wash their face or brush their teeth first). However, this was conducted with hilarious consequences; if the debaters used a forbidden word set by the moderator, they would be sprayed with water. If one member did a forbidden movement, the moderator would be drenched in water while the members would be sprayed.

The members argued passionately, creating funny and ridiculous supporting arguments while sabotaging each other with water punishments. It was hilarious watching BTS try to figure out what gestures triggered the water punishments, especially j-hope, who was drenched the most.

Search, Dance and Finders Keepers

The following episodes took the form of a workshop divided into three sections. The first mission was to see which member would be crowned the “search king” by searching for things related to Run BTS! BTS played a typing game to warm up, which Jungkook lost. His jaw adorably dropped as he ended up using a super-sized keyboard for the task. Each member used different tactics as they scrolled through blogs, image search and keyword search to find answers.

In the second mission, the members went head-to-head in guessing choreographies; the staff members danced to a BTS song with little to no effort, and whoever answered correctly scored a point. Jin was on a roll, shocking the other members with his quick thinking. In the second round, BTS read the description of the dance in order to guess the choreography. Although the members struggled at first, they guessed successfully once they acted out the descriptions.

In the final mission, BTS had to protect items related to K-pop and Korean traditions while finding each other’s items. It was an amusing scavenger hunt, as they hid their items in the most bizarre places – Jin placed a 2021 Season's Greetings box in the ceiling of the elevator, j-hope buried an Army Bomb in soil, etc. Jimin was confident that no one would dig through the dustbin for his straw shoes, but ironically, j-hope immediately found it, putting him in the lead. Three members almost found Jin’s item, but ultimately failed. By the end of the game, j-hope was the only member to find an item and was crowned the winner alongside Jungkook.

Bring the Quiz

BTS partook in a team-based entertainment quiz show, where they showcased their wit, knowledge and skill for the following quizzes: nonsense, beeper code, dialect and guess the song title. Jin and j-hope excelled at the beeper code quiz, while in the dialect quiz, the members had fun speaking in their own dialect.

The “guess the song title” quiz was particularly challenging as it included new songs, old songs and their own songs. Jungkook even called his mom to ask for help. BTS livened up the mood by singing children’s songs, before playing charades with their own song titles, using lyrics and choreography as references for their actions. Despite their competitive nature, it was clear that they had a lot of fun, making it a memorable episode.

The Birth of a Table Tennis Champion

Finally, BTS learned table tennis from Ryu Seungmin, an Olympic gold medalist. He amazed the members with his skills, as he taught them the different grips, strokes and serves. Soon after, BTS put what they had learned into practice, as the next episode involved actual one-on-one matches between each other and with Ryu, to see who would be the ultimate champion.

They played via elimination, with V, Jimin, j-hope and RM – who had won a consolation match – advancing to the semi-finals. V and j-hope competed in the final match, with V winning the first place. Ryu then challenged him to a match, but used a ladle to play with. V emerged victorious and was ecstatic to have won against a gold medalist, as we all were!

From forbidden actions to table tennis glory, the boys outdid themselves in every task, never failing to entertain us. Unfortunately, SUGA was only present in the first episodes of this recap due to his recovery. Let’s look forward to his return in episode 140. In the meantime, let us know what your favorite episode was and check our previous recaps!

Written by: Lindsay

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: Lira

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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