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Are you ready for another recap of one of the best entertainment programs in the ARMYverse? Buckle-up and get ready for an instant serotonin boost. Let’s keep our eyes and ears wide open all along to enjoy the ride to the fullest! 달려라 방탄 !

Spy Kids

Back in the 70’s, in the BTS village somewhere in South Korea, a detective and six villagers find themselves in the middle of a mystery. The ARMY headstone that brings people luck has been broken. Who is the culprit?

That was the question BTS, the main characters, had to answer during this two-part episode full of trust issues and fabulous plot twists. Of course, the scenario was both suspenseful and hilarious, as BTS made great use of their witty brains, well-known talent for betrayal, and characterized bad faith.

BTS is in the kitchen

It’s no secret that BTS loves food. After many episodes showing the boys’ cooking talents, it was time for Jin and SUGA—arguably the best cooks in the team—to show off. They were transformed into the other members’ avatars and cooked dishes like a kimchi quesadilla, following timed instructions through walkie-talkies. The exercise was far from easy, but they eventually made some yummy dishes that the hungry members ate with great pleasure.

Soon after this episode, BTS was back in the kitchen—this time in their dorm to prepare two ham-based dishes to be judged by the famous Korean chef Baek Jongwon. They sought a lot of advice from Mr. Baek, who was impressed by the boys’ commitment to make a good dish as well as their unique sense of humor and welcoming, yet humble attitudes. For once, nobody received a penalty; instead, they were gifted with a precious present from their guest.

Happy New Year… Quarantine Edition

BTS, minus SUGA, who was still recovering from his shoulder surgery, welcomed 2021 from their dorm. They were to play three games. The first was a word-guess game that required their lying talents (special shout out to Jungkook!) and was immediately followed by BTS’ songs being played on the harmonica. BTS has many talents, but playing the harmonica proved to perhaps not be one of them! The last game was a “red light, green light” game, which brought several comical situations thanks to Taehyung’s wild strategies.

The penalty that involved raw eggs, containers, and speed skills was twice as fun as the already rib-tickling challenges. While RM and V were rather embarrassed by the outcome of this punishment, j-hope and Jimin (with probably many ARMYs along the way) spent a lot of time on the floor, laughing hard.

Next challenges for BTS, by BTS

In episode 124, BTS was asked to think about new topics to be developed and filmed in future episodes. Their imagination and willingness to provide visually entertaining content led to many enticing ideas such as filming a music video for one of their B-side tracks, riding public transportation in disguise, or creating a theme song for Run BTS! A few of the ideas have already made it to screen, but we cannot wait to see if they use others in the future!

Among the topics picked by the production crew was RM’s suggestion to play “small things that make (BTS) competitive.” It translated into two episodes of “777 Lucky Seven,” where BTS played mini-games requiring a bit of dexterity and a large amount of luck. The members’ frustration—inversely proportional to ARMY’s fun—grew exponentially. From bouncy balls that wouldn’t stay in the bucket and got on Jungkook’s nerves, to cups that wouldn’t stack fast enough to j-hope’s taste, there was no time-out in these peak comedic episodes. The water bottle challenge, which almost got the best of Jimin’s sanity, and the final plot-twists wrapped it all up beautifully.

The next challenge BTS set was to learn how to play tennis. For this long-term project, they took lessons with national-team tennis players, practiced during their time off and organized a championship under MC SUGA’s supervision. None of them except j-hope had the chance to really learn tennis before. Even so, they all—especially Jin and Taehyung—ended up being decent players without, of course, giving up on their mischievous selves that make ARMY enjoy Run BTS! so much.

Written by: Helene

Edited by: Tori

Designed by: Judy

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