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Run BTS! Episodes 114-119 Endless Laughter and Overall Good Vibes

Welcome back ARMY, we hope you are doing well! On today's program, we join BTS in their marvelous adventures once again through a Run BTS! recap of episodes 114 to 119. Let’s get it!

Gamers vs “Gamers” (episodes 114-115)

In these episodes, we find BTS in Seoul’s esports arena, this time accompanied by T1, Korea’s esports team. Thrilled by the presence of such special guests, BTS took it upon themselves to make T1 feel welcomed. To break the ice, they played a game where they maintained a beat and said their names when called on. BTS then showed off their impeccable rock paper scissors skills with the next game. The winner had to successfully hit the loser with a toy hammer, who would try to protect himself. RM mocked SUGA by saying he had slow reflexes, so SUGA made a point of showing off how quick and agile he was but soon lost. Before they eventually started gaming they sang Boy with Luv and IDOL in teams.

Finally, they split into teams of both BTS and T1 members, and played “League of Legends,” which T1 plays professionally. However, that didn’t discourage BTS in the slightest as they had fun attacking each other. In the next game they were cardboard boxes and had to destroy one another. They then played the iconic “Gang Beasts,” where they all had a blast killing and pushing each other. To wrap up the episode they played “Fall Guys” and ate pizza while talking about how much fun they had.

Chilling with BTS (episodes 116-117)

Perhaps a more relaxing episode for BTS, here they lounged around and played games. They had to complete missions every 30 minutes to earn downtime, and to clear 5 out of 16 missions to go home. Before starting, RM and Jimin wore ugly pyjama pants and gomusins for losing in an earlier episode. During their breaks, the boys sang, challenged each other's basketball machine scores, played video games and ate snacks. Their first mission was a good old telepathy game, followed by a group jump rope where they had to do 50 double jumps altogether in under 5 minutes. They cleared these missions easily but then failed a group tennis game.

With three missions left to go home, the boys were more motivated than ever before. In one of the games, they were given lyrics to act out and to guess, which proved to be difficult. In their despair, Jin announced that if they succeeded he’d stay back and completely finish the game he had started during one of the breaks. Unfortunately for him, their collaborative efforts and SUGA’s guessing genius paid off and they cleared the mission. Then they played with water bottles by removing a tablecloth from underneath them and tossing them in a circle without the bottles falling. Throughout their many tries, the bottles kept toppling over and reminded Jimin of bowing, which made j-hope cry of laughter. Thanks to their rhythmic skills and their strive to go home, they were dismissed early. All except Jin, who still had to finish his game like he promised.

Photo story (episodes 118-119)

First things first, Jimin and Jungkook received their punishment from losing in the BTS school episode which was to wear funny T-shirts. BTS wandered around a cafe collecting sticky notes with key words of who, what, where, and how. The idea was to put these notes together to get sentences such as “BTS makes hearts in the corner with adorable expressions” and for them to take pictures of their sentences. Seven cards with complete sentences were also hidden, which Jimin found easily. The boys had fun tracking each other down in the huge cafe as well as avoiding taking pictures. SUGA ran away from everybody, which frustrated the rest of the members.

In the second part, they presented their pictures and evaluated each others’ to see if they deserved points. This unleashed BTS’ picky side as they didn’t let any tiny mistake slide. After all that nit-picking, the staff revealed that there was a secret spy, whose mission was to sneak in as many photos as possible without anyone noticing. Instantly trust amongst the members deteriorated as everyone was a suspect. Jin turned out to be the spy, which resulted in a mental breakdown from Jungkook, thinking he had lost after realizing that his hyung was everywhere in his photos. Be sure to check out the plot twist!

Written by: Alice

Edited by: ren

Designed by: Leslie

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