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RM and Colde Reveal Their Only Hatred in Don’t Ever Say Love Me

Months after their first collaboration, Hectic, from RM’s debut solo album, Indigo, RM and OFFONOFF member Colde reunited for Don’t ever say love me, a single from Colde’s recent album, Love Part 2. Don’t ever say love me, a somber and alluring R&B track, showed the artists battling heartbreak and resentment toward their former partners.

RM and Colde took turns passionately processing their hurt. Colde began with the chorus, telling his past lover to forget they were together. His verse gave more insight into the demise of his relationship when alluding to infidelity on the other person’s end. The first half of RM’s verse elaborated on the pain Colde felt after facing dishonesty within his relationship.

RM related to Colde’s emotions and experience but expressed himself through a mixture of anger and confusion. An air of silence was broken within the relationship once RM learned of his partner’s indiscretions, leaving him lost. This breach of trust ultimately led to their breakup, as RM reevaluated the meaning of love in this relationship. He went from trusting his feelings towards this person and theirs for him to believing their relationship was all a lie.

The music video for Don’t ever say love me uniquely illustrated the progression of emotions often associated with betrayal and heartache. The imagery of a fishbowl represented the men’s mental instability.

Colde went from looking into the fishbowl to feeling like he and RM were trapped inside it. When the last chorus approached, the chaos within the fishbowl was at its height as hundreds of fish rapidly swam above RM and Colde. This developing madness showed how impassioned and enraged the men felt while drowning in emotional distress.

In episode one of “Colde’s blue room,” Colde invited RM to join him in speaking about everything from Don’t ever say love me to RM’s future plans. RM revealed they have been friends since 2016 and started working on music together over the years, with Don’t ever say love me being a song they began creating two years ago. They co-wrote it based on their similar experiences with love and the idea of “the only hatred,” a theme Colde conceptualized for the song.

Since Don’t ever say love me was started years ago, different variations were created before the song became the version listeners hear today. Despite its changes, Colde and RM were satisfied with the final product, with Colde feeling ecstatic about RM’s verse and RM loving the evolution of the song. RM felt writing about lived experiences allowed for a sincere expression of emotions.

Looking at love through a broader lens, the conversation shifted to how love has influenced their lives and their music. Despite how love could negatively affect someone, as reflected in Don’t ever say love me, RM has always believed that it is an engraved emotion that people crave.

RM elaborated on this idea by highlighting how “sarang” (love) and “saram” (people) sound similar in Korean while “live” and “love” have close spellings in English. He first touched on this theory in 2018 with his BTS solo song, Trivia承: Love. The message of Trivia承: Love and RM’s current view of love are identical. Even though love could result in pain, loving others is part of human nature because there is beauty that can come from it.

The interview continued with RM suggesting a few love songs for viewers to look up before it concluded with RM revealing his plans for the future. Although there are no release dates yet, he has been working on new music individually and with other artists.

On the surface, Don’t ever say love me showed the dimmer side of loving someone, experiencing heartbreak, and losing someone once cherished. Despite the negative repercussions of giving their hearts to others, RM and Colde do not have hatred for love itself. They still valued the positive aspects of loving others but despised those who lied and misled them, reaffirming how much capacity they had to love.

Written by: Amaya

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Achan

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