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Previously on BTS: The Ticketing Games October 2-8, 2021

It’s still hard to believe that BTS will be performing on stage again for ARMY. Tickets for Permission to Dance: Live concerts in Los Angeles, USA went on sale this week, resulting in an online frenzy to secure seats and prompting important ethical questions about online ticketing software. Of course, BTS hasn’t stopped making records or producing content either, so let’s get into the recap for this week!

“JIMIN JIMIN”-ing My Universe to #1

BTS have once again broken streaming and charting records with the release of the Coldplay collaboration My Universe, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 and Global 200 this week. Over 11.5 million streams and 127,000 downloads of either the original, Supernova Remix, Acoustic, or Instrumental version brought BTS their sixth #1 debut (fastest of any artist since the Beatles) and the #1 of any song in history featuring two groups. This achievement also marks Coldplay’s second #1 hit.

The chaos leading up to it was also quite memorable. With Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp social media sites crashing en masse on the day of Billboard releases, ARMY had to wait quite a bit longer than usual to see the results. To pass the time during the mini digital “apocalypse,” ARMY revived a 2019 tweet that remarked “The world could enter a nuclear fallout and we would still see Jimin trending #1 worldwide”. In response, “JIMIN JIMIN” was trending on Twitter with over 1.5 million mentions pushing the phrase to #1 in at least 76 countries. We love to see the support for our little mochi!

Hot Girl Coach and BTS: In NYC!

Speaking of collaborations, BTS also released a Bangtan Bomb of their meeting with Megan Thee Stallion (and puppy) in New York City! We’re excited for more content featuring these two powerhouses who collaborated on a remix of Butter earlier this year. The behind the scenes footage for J-HOPE, Jimin, and Jungkook’s (aka “3J”) dance to Megan’s verse was also released this week, and included rehearsal footage along with the announcement of another 3J video to possibly come this year. Fingers crossed!


This week’s RUN BTS was bittersweet, as the show announced a hiatus after this episode arc (don’t worry though, we still get In the Soop 2 for the next month or so!). However, the show used this moment to reflect upon past episodes using ARMY polling data and input from a survey sent out online this past April. ARMY voted on their favorite episodes and moments, along with formats they wanted to see again, and BTS attempted to guess fan favorites. Notable moments included a heavy revival of SUGA’s “hi” and Jimin’s iconic “lajibolala,” along with reminiscing over iconic moments such as BTS vs. Zombies and summer vacation. Stay tuned next week, when BTS will recreate the top three games requested by ARMY!

The Ticket Frenzy

Run BTS was perhaps the last peaceful moment for many ARMYs this week, who readied their computer screens and Ticketmaster accounts to purchase tickets for the four Los Angeles live shows happening this winter. In an effort to control overwhelming traffic and prioritize fans who’s concerts were cancelled last time, Ticketmaster released five total waves of tickets this week: MOTS VIP holders were given the chance to purchase tickets Tuesday, MOTS regular ticket holders had Wednesday, select ARMY membership holders had Thursday, and so on.

Twitter flew into a frenzy as ARMYs reported securing tickets, but also an extraordinary number of difficulties doing so: software errors, getting thrown out of the site altogether, and hours of waiting in 2000+ people lines. A major point of contention was Ticketmaster’s last minute decision to withhold soundcheck tickets during Day 2 of ticketing, despite the fact that it included many fans who had secured soundcheck tickets for MOTS, while reopening soundcheck options on Day 3 for ARMY membership holders. These are definitely important issues for Ticketmaster to look into going forward, as BTS only continues to get more popular and will hopefully release more tour dates soon.

Until then, we hope that all ARMY who are capable of coming to the concert were able to receive tickets, and remember that everyone with Internet access can watch the boys in their online concert on October 24th! Until next week!

Written by: Mariko

Edited by: LJ

Designed by: Judy

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