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Previously on BTS: The Butter is Spreading Non-stop June 26 - July 2

This week has been chaotic as usual, since BTS’ second English single Butter has been staying on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and it doesn't look like it will get off anytime soon. Apart from breaking other records, a lot of things have happened as well. So ARMY, let’s get onto BTS’ latest news!

June 26

At music show MBC Music Core, Butter got its 5th win, increasing the overall count of wins to 12. A new Bangtan Episode showing BTS rehearsing for the Melon Music Awards 2020 was then released on BANGTANTV. Finally, j-hope and Becky G’s Chicken Noodle Soup and Agust D have surpassed 100 million streams and 500 million streams respectively on Spotify.

June 27

BTS tweeted a song recommendation and a selfie, followed by Smash app’s video snippet of Jin. Big Hit Music confirmed that Ed Sheeran has written a new song for BTS, but also mentioned that other details were yet to be confirmed .

June 28

An online talk event for BTS’ Japanese compilation album BTS, THE BEST took place. An article titled “Stories after #StopAsianHate” was published in Weverse Magazine. On Billboard Hot 100, Butter remained at #1 for the 5th consecutive week, breaking the record of Aerosmith's I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing for the longest running #1 single by a single group in the Hot 100 history. Version 1 concept photos of Butter single CD were released, showing the members in new hair colours. BTS’ BE album was certified Gold in France.

June 29

To celebrate the 5th week of Butter at BB Hot 100, BTS hung out with ARMY on VLive. Hours before this, RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope and V posted on Twitter and Weverse to thank ARMY for their support and to express their own astonishment at the success. The Butter concept photos Version 2 were disclosed, showing BTS members holding mugshot placards. Another hilarious episode of Run BTS! was uploaded on VLive and Weverse, in which the members played Gayo-related games and guessed the rankings of some of their songs as per the survey ARMY filled in March.

June 30

Jin commented on two ARMYs’ posts on Weverse and Jimin tweeted a selfie. Before this, a member posted a screenshot of their Melon app listening to Epik High’s new song Rain Song. On Twitter too, Japanese programme 'The Music Day' announced BTS' performance of Butter on July 3. The 3rd version of concept photos showed BTS at a car wash and gas station. On the same day, home appliances brand COWAY shared a making film showing BTS shooting the CF.

July 1

Version 4 of Butter concept photos were published, showing BTS as both a group and individually chilling at the beach. Following the release of the photos, the layouts of BTS’ social media platforms changed. BTS now has 37 million followers on TikTok. On Gaon Social Chart, BTS is still at #1 for 15 consecutive weeks. On Spotify, BTS has surpassed 4 billion streams. Chicken Noodle Soup now has 270 million views on YouTube.

July 2

The tracklist of Butter CD was revealed, confirming the new song’s name Permission to Dance and Ed Sheeran’s involvement in the song. BTS gave a special interview and performed their hits Dynamite and Butter at Sirius XM Hits 1. On BANGTANTV, a video showing BTS signing CDs of BTS, THE BEST was released. Jimin came on Melon’s Big Hit Music Record, where he recommended songs which he listens to when he’s alone, walking, in a car or after work.

On BTS’ official Twitter account, a brief schedule dropped, revealing their upcoming special talk show and performance of Permission to Dance on July 9 on Naver Now, prior to the performance premiere of the song on HYBE LABELS’ YouTube channel. Last but not the least, j-hope posted a cute comment about Jin’s bag and a photo on Weverse.

This week has been a hectic one, with more performances and record breaking moments to come. Stay safe ARMY and watch this space for the next blog!

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