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Previously on BTS: Some Notes on Notes - and More January 30 - February 5

BTS has blessed us with a week full of exciting content! A lot has been going on, so let’s take a look.

January 30

J-hope gave us wintery vibes with a snowy photoshoot and a neon-tipped hairstyle on Twitter. He accurately called himself “ARMYs’ white puppy.” The winter wonderland continued as the “2021 BTS Winter Package” became available for preorder.

January 31

With the BE Essential Edition available for preorder, the boys released snippets of their creative processes in developing the songs on the album. SUGA kicked things off with the video of SUGA’s Notes for Telepathy. He was also the focus for the latest Bangtan Bomb, which gave a behind-the-scenes look at the Daechwita sword dance practice. Finally, BTS brought home six awards from the 30th Seoul Music Awards, including the grand prize, main award, best album (MAP OF THE SOUL : 7), best song (Dynamite), K-wave popularity, and WhosFandom award. Although they didn’t attend the show, they thanked fans in sweet acceptance videos.

February 1

RM posted on Weverse with a thoughtful post about time, and how he misses ARMY. In other RM news, the video for RM’s Notes for Life Goes On was released. Weverse Magazine also published an article titled “How BTS sings of healing the mind: The message behind BE and Abyss” which discussed the theme of mental health found in these works. If that wasn’t enough BTS content for the day (it’s never enough, right?), Esquire named BTS as one of the top 10 best pop bands of all time, Dynamite outfits were sold for charity, and another “2021 BTS Winter Package” spot was released.

February 2

Run BTS! Episode 127 aired on VLive and Weverse, which continued the hilarious missions BTS started in the previous episode. Over on Twitter, Jungkook's Notes for Stay were released.

February 3

Jimin’s Notes for Dis-ease were released. Another Twitter update showed an adorable video of Jimin sliding down a snowy slope with his arms in the shape of a heart accompanied by a sleepy photoshoot with his wintery hat. The perfect winter vibes for ARMY!

February 4

V’s Notes for Blue & Grey were released, along with the Behind cut of Run BTS! Episode 127. In gaming news, The Rhythm Hive app announced its pre-season open and is now available to download. The rhythm game features Big Hit and BE:LIFT artists with a card collecting quest and a multi-play option.

February 5 and Beyond

J-hope’s Notes for Dis-ease dropped on Twitter and ARMY can’t wait for Jin’s Notes to complete the list. Rhythm Hive continued to work on its maintenance period after multiple technical issues. As the full release of the “2021 BTS Winter Package” and BE Essential Edition draw near, ARMY has a lot to look forward to.

Whew, what a week! The boys have been working hard, and it shows. Make sure to come back next week for another recap.

Written by: Allison

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: Urvashi

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