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BTS has brought about a renaissance in the music world as we witness Dynamite smashing records and making history. Let’s gather and discuss BTS' world domination!

September 5

Jin tweeted a selfie with the caption," Billboard No.1 singer Seokjinnie." Talk aboutstarting the week with a boom: Dynamite surpassed 100M Spotify streams - the fastest song ever by a group and fastest song of 2020 to reach the mark, and crossed 1M sales on the Chinese music platform Netease. The MV garnered 300M+ views on YouTube and became BTS'13th MV to do so. This made Dynamite the fastest MV by a group to reach the milestone. Map Of the Soul: Persona achieved gold BRIT certification in the UK while Map Of the Soul: 7 sold 600k+ pure copies in the USA. Rolling Stone India published an interview with BTS on Dynamite's huge success in the country.

September 6

BTS appeared on "The Most Requested Live - Ask Anything” chat to answer fans' questions in their charming and lively Bangtan-style. A Bangtan Bomb of Dynamite at the 2020 MTV VMAs was uploaded on BANGTANTV and Dynamite reached #9 on Deezer Global. In Korea, BTS became the idol group with the most Perfect All-Kills/PAKs (205+) with Dynamite’s 131st PAK.

September 7

To start the day of the magic number seven, Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and Korea Culture & Tourism Institute have conducted a study on the economic ripple effects created by Dynamite, which are estimated to be around 1.7 Trillion Won ($1.4B). Boy With Luv then surpassed 500M Global Spotify streams, the first Korean song to do so.

Yonhap News Agency published an article on Big Hit Edu's endeavors to teach Korean to global ARMYs. Episode 27 of Learn Korean With BTS was uploaded on Weverse. Also on Weverse, Jin commented on some posts. BigHit Official Merch tweeted about the new Dynamite merch in celebration of Billboard No.1. Pre-registration opened for Lotte Duty Free Online Family Concert featuring BTS.

September 8

Winning awards seems to be the new norm: BTS and Halsey won Best Music Video for Boy With Luv while ARMY won Best Fan Army at iHeartRadio Music Awards. Dynamite landed at #1 for the Best Selling Download released in the US for 2020.

Skool Luv Affair Special Addition was also announced to be available for pre-order on Weverse shop.

Now, the most exciting news of the week: BTS has occupied the No.1 spot on Billboard HOT 100 for two consecutive weeks, the first group in the 21st century to reach this milestone! To celebrate, BTS posted a video of themselves shouting gleefully, followed by the tweet, "teamwork makes dream work!" which, so far, has been our formula for success.

September 9

Episode 4 of "In The SOOP" was released along with the pre-orders announcement for the official merch. Map Of The Soul: 7 ranked No.1 on the Billboard World Albums chart. BTS continued to rank No.1 on both the Billboard Artist 100 (8th week) and Social 50 (195th week). With Dynamite hitting the Melon Roof for the 13th time, BTS became the third generation idol with the most rooftop hits.

Then, BTS_official tweeted a video of Dynamite displayed in Shibuya Scramble Square, Tokyo and SiriusXM uploaded videos of the boys playing a few games.

September 10

RM posted a photo on twitter with the caption, "Once Again Billboard Hot 100 #1 Dynamite!!!!", an excitement we all shared.

"Break the Silence: The Movie" was released in a few countries, along with its merchandise. BTS delivered their acceptance speech for winning the Artist Award (for the third time) at the 47th Korean Broadcasting Awards.

BTS performed Anpanman and Dynamite on NBC TODAY show's Citi Music Series. With Dynamite exceeding 1M Shazams, BTS became the most shazamed act of 2020, and the fastest to do so. After BTS’ highly anticipated interview with KBS prime time News 9, K-media reported that the broadcast channel benefited from the band's influence as their ratings increased by 3.2%. In Australia, Idol and Mic Drop received gold certifications while Boy with Luv was certified platinum.

September 11

Dynamite remained at No.1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart. It has also been on the Spotify Global Top 5 chart for 20 days, making BTS the first Korean act to reach the milestone.

The Grammy Museum launched its paid official online streaming platform called Collection: Live. The platform features BTS on their front page. A conversation with the boys will be disclosed on September 24.

BTS endorsement updates

Fila Korea updated its "Go Beyond" series with Jimin, V, Jin, j-hope, Jungkook, and SUGA. Samsung Mobile uploaded BTS photos promoting Galaxy Note20 and a new GalaxyxBTS ad series. Galaxy Japan also made a new post for the S20 BTS edition. Hyundai Worldwide announced a giveaway for the IONIQxBTS MP3 player that has appeared in their IONIQ music video. Visit Seoul uploaded their "SEE YOU IN SEOUL'' countdown videos featuring SUGA, V, j-hope, Jin, Jungkook, and Jimin.

That is all for this week's BTS updates. Check out our other blogs for more BTS content. Until then, stay tuned and stay safe! 아미 borahaeee!!

Written by: Maria

Edited by: ren

Designed by: paige

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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