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On this week’s episode we will be tackling important questions such as did Namjoon ever find fish bread with a fish inside and is Taehyung really God? Just kidding. We’re not, but we will be taking a trip back in time to check out BTS’ explosive achievements and performances for the week of September 19–25. See what we did there? Explosive—Dynamite? No? Okay.

Hop in and buckle up, hands in the vehicle at all times, and get ready for a Dynamite ride.


BTS started the week off with a bang, by continuing their advocacy on behalf of the youth of the world as speakers at Korea’s first Youth Day event at the Blue House. The speech chronicles BTS’ journey from debut to the present day. Never one to shy away from the past, the boys reminisced about their struggles, fears, and the hurdles they had to overcome to reach their current position, in hopes of uplifting and spreading hope in this very dark time.

A Bangtan Bomb for BTS’ iHeartRadio Music Festival performance was also released. It gave a different view of the boys’ iHeart stage and showcased the fun they had while filming.


BANGTANTV released a seventies’ version of the Dynamite MV. The video highlights fun factoids about BTS and the music video shoot.

Jungkook blessed the fandom with a YouTube Live, giving ARMY a sneak peek into his recording process. There was no sound, save for conversations with his producer, leaving ARMY’s collective curiosity peaked.


BANGTANTV released yet another Bangtan Bomb, this time for BTS’ performance on the Today Show’s Citi Music Series. Dressed in baby blue denim reminiscent of the 1970s, BTS gave a fun-filled performance that displayed their charm and stage presence.

This was followed up with a live stage, as BTS performed Dynamite, Save Me, and the iconic Spring Day on NPR’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. Namjoon prefaced the introduction to the last song with these comforting words, “It’s been the roughest summer ever, but we know that Spring will come.” The moment matched perfectly with the intimate setting and live band that the Tiny Desk series is known for. BTS’ performance racked up one million views in its first 30 minutes.

To ARMY's happiness and surprise, Dynamite spent another week at number two on Billboard’s HOT 100 chart (the fourth week after its release). This has renewed ARMY’s desire to reclaim the top spot in week five. Dynamite also ranked number one on Billboard’s Global (excluding the U.S.) Charts.


Nominations for Billboard Music Awards were announced, and for the second year in a row, BTS is nominated for Top Duo/Group and Top Social Artist.

Speaking of TSA, BTS spent their 197th week atop the Social 50 Chart. Jimmy Fallon announced a BTS week on the Tonight Show starting on September 28. It will be five nights long. The boys will perform a different song every night and participate in skits and games. It promises to be a fun-filled week.

The boys held a group live where they shared a meal and discussed plans for their new album and music video. It was laid-back and gave viewers a look at the boys' closeness and the trust BTS have in each other.


“Life goes on… Let’s live on.” BTS gave a moving, honest, and uplifting speech at the 2020 United Nations General Assembly. All seven members talked about how the pandemic affected them and what they did to overcome their struggles. They reminded us that life goes on, and despite it all, we can live on.

Fila USA announced a new collaboration with BTS called Project 7.

BTS were speakers at KACF’s (Korean American Community Foundation) 2020 Gala. The boys introduced the Trailblazer Awardee, Lenzo Yoon, CEO of Big Hit’s Global & Business.


BTS Universe was released for download. The interactive game allows users to build their own story, and ARMY has been taking full advantage of this.

Later in the evening, BTS had a twenty-six minute interview with the GRAMMY Museum. They talked about Dynamite’s message and how the pandemic has changed them as musicians and people.


The accolades and achievements just kept pouring in as BTS took home the prize for Fandom Real Official on Premios MTV in Brazil. To add to the excitement, Taehyung and Jungkook also held a YouTube live.

It’s been an exciting week, ARMY. So many other amazing things happened. There’s never a dull moment with BTS.

Written by: Lisa

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