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The week started off brightly with our leader’s birthday and Dynamite continuing to break records. Teasers were released for upcoming BTS content, which we can look forward to coming within the next few months. Exciting new remixes, collaborations and performances were also unveiled.

September 12

This day marked RM’s 26th (international age) birthday! Following their birthday traditions, BTS tweeted a lot and RM held a surprise VLive. Reuters released an article and interview about BTS’ recent success with Dynamite which highlighted how the group wishes they could celebrate their new records and milestones with their fans. CNN also released an article about BTS’ activities during quarantine. Indian ARMYs got a treat as BTS recorded a special message for the K-pop India Contest 2020.

September 13

BTS officially reached 100 music show wins overall in 2020, with Dynamite receiving its 10th win on Inkigayo. This milestone is a huge feat that not many groups achieved. Big Hit released a Bangtan Bomb where BTS reacted to their Dynamite B-side MV, laughing, marveling over their own tactics - especially the bloopers reel, and added their own comments. Later, Jin and Jungkook got all suited up and headed to “The Strange Tailor Shop” in Samsung’s new advertisement video for their Galaxy Note 20.

September 14

BTS appeared on Bae Chulsoo’s Music Camp MBC FM4U, in a visual radio. The members were particularly active on Twitter and Jin posted on Weverse too. On TikTok, SUGA dueted Jin's previous video on the app and looked as adorable as always - reaching 13M views. The National Museum of Contemporary Art announced that RM donated 100 million won to their foundation. As an avid art lover, this charitable act may not come as a surprise for ARMY who already knows how generous the leader is!

September 15

In its third week, Dynamite ranked #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Even though it lost its #1 position, this is still huge for BTS. Big Hit Entertainment also released information about the “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” concert live stream, and the BTS EXHIBITION “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E (오,늘)”. This included the sale time, concert schedule, price breakdown, and information about a special gift and the online exhibition. Streaming for the concert will take place over two days – October 10 and 11. The official trailer for BTS Universe Story was also released, the video being half illustrated and depicting scenes familiar to the “I NEED U” MV and “Highlight Reels”. Jin time-travels but all the members he encounters are just illusions.

September 16

American singer Max released Blueberry Eyes, in collaboration with SUGA. While SUGA does not feature in the MV itself, Max and his wife learned his rap “to say as [their] vows in [their] quarantine wedding” because the meaning matched their feelings perfectly. Vogue posted a video of BTS getting ready for their VMAs’ Dynamite performance, which took place earlier this month. On BANGTANTV, a Bangtan Bomb where V comes across a piano and plays some tune, and a “Persona” trailer for “Break the Silence: the Movie” were released.

September 17

BTS became a trending topic on social media because of their Dynamite performance on America’s Got Talent. The stage was set up in a nighttime carnival-like retro atmosphere, full of blinking lights and sparks. It was extra flashy as V and RM pulled up in a car and Jimin performed in front of a diner. As always, their vocals were on point. BTS also posted on TikTok, this time starring V and j-hope. Spotify released a podcast episode of “For the Record” featuring the boys. Billboard published an article about BTS’ love for their fans and their songwriting process.

September 18

Dynamite (NightTime Version) was released on streaming platforms, the remixes being: Slow Jam, Midnight, Bedroom and Retro. CJ E&M and Big Hit’s survival show “I-LAND” aired its final episode with BTS and TXT making special appearances.

Last but not least, Dynamite is now the only song in Korean chart history to have 400 Perfect All-Kills.

That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for more, ARMY.

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