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Previously on BTS: Reasons for Celebration October 9-15

Another week calls for another BTS recap, ARMY. From taking a trip down memory lane to starting new beginnings with BTS, we are in for a ride. Hold on tight as we recap the past week together!

Hangul Day Celebrations

We begin with the celebration of Hangul day in Korea. Weverse magazine released an article, which featured interview snippets from different ARMY translators, and talked about the significant impact BTS continues to make in promoting their native language across the globe. Hyundai Worldwide also joined in the celebration by posting short videos of their global ambassadors writing their reflections on the meaning of having a sustainable future for all.

A Pause for Run BTS!

This week saw episode 155 of Run BTS! where we got to see our wonderful boys look back on the 7 years they spent producing content for ARMY through their own variety show. BTS reminisced their way into the first game by guessing different one-liners and sounds they had made during random episodes selected by their staff. They also played ARMY’s all-time favorite Photo Zone Game. Did you see how RM nailed all his challenges or how SUGA got that picture-perfect shot of the keyword, “Hello,” but it turned out to be “Goodbye” instead? We couldn’t stop laughing along with them!

Their debate topic during the Run BTS! Forbidden Words game was equally hilarious, too! The episode continued on to show BTS eating dinner while playing mini-games to win different kinds of food to add to their table. The show ended with them writing and reading their acrostic poems. We will surely miss our weekly dose of Bangtan fun and chaos for a while, but we are also glad that BTS and their production crew will have their much-deserved rest!

Happy Birthday, Jimin!

We celebrated our lovely Jimin’s birthday on October 13! Aside from the many birthday photos released, the birthday boy himself came to visit ARMY on VLive and spent his special day with us. Jungkook and j-hope, at one point, also came to join in on the fun and even brought some drinks for them to toast with. We have a special birthday blog for Jimin coming very soon, so stay tuned to see how ARMY around the world celebrated Jimin’s birthday!

Prod. SUGA is back!

Yes, you heard it right! SUGA is back with a new collaboration with Japanese singer, Hiroomi Tosaka, also known by his stage name, ØMI. According to Hiroomi, he asked SUGA to participate in this solo work as a producer and composer. The music video of You showcased the beautiful sceneries in Japan and was meant to convey a natural theme.

BTS on Social Media

We weren’t starved for content this week either, ARMY. Jin posted some photos of himself, slicing some good-looking chunks of meat. Whatever he was cooking, it sure looked delicious! j-hope also asked ARMY to help him remember which pictures he posted for Jimin’s birthday last year. In true j-hope fashion as Bangtan’s memory archive, he posted different photos and videos of Jimin on Twitter as a way of celebrating his special day. BANGTANTV also posted a Bangtan Bomb showing the behind-the-scenes of BTS meeting with Coldplay.

That’s a wrap for this week’s Previously on BTS! We still have much to look forward to because In The Soop 2 is starting from this week until November 12! We’re as excited as you are to see what BTS has in store for us and hopefully, we will also find healing through their show. Until next time, ARMY! Keep safe!

Written by: Denise

Edited by: Lisa

Designed by: Achan

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