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Previously on BTS: Prod SUGA, A New Game and More! April 23 - 29

While anticipating the upcoming new album, ARMY has been in for quite a few surprises! Let’s dive in and have a look at the events of the past week, shall we?

BTS took to social media once again as the ‘94 duo, j-hope and RM, posted on Instagram. j-hope is seen to be wearing the Billie Eilish x Nike Collab apparel. Jungkook then responded to fans' questions via the ‘Stories’ feature on Instagram. We love his cuteness! On April 23, SUGA posted a selfie captioned “In Vegas” through his account on Weverse.

On the same day, the teaser for BTS Island: In the SEOM was released, a game in which the characters are based on each member’s unique qualities. BTS has also contributed by participating in the development of the official title, logo, character design and in-game soundtracks to create a game they can enjoy along with ARMY. The in-game characters with qualities resembling the members are adorable!

On April 24, K-Media reported that Jimin and Ha Sungwoon’s OST With You is a song about wanting to be around the people whom one loves, as represented by the harmony of the piano and acoustic guitar infusing warmth into the song. A snippet of the OST was revealed when the episode aired on TV 20 minutes prior to the release.

Fans absolutely loved the song and this was evident when With You became the fastest song to achieve 100 #1’s on iTunes, surpassing Dynamite.

We were greatly astonished when PSY, a veteran K-pop legend whose song Gangnam Style went viral in 2012, announced his full length album PSY 9th, with the title track produced by SUGA. PSY then slowly revealed that not only did SUGA produce the track, but he will also be featuring on the song and starring in the music video!

According to K-Media, SUGA also participated in the composition and arrangement of the song, as well as writing its lyrics. As of writing this blog, the track, titled That That is set to release at 6pm KST on April 29. We can’t wait to listen to another phenomenal song by SUGA!

The preview for the “2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO” Spot was released on April 26. The FESTA event is available on DVD, DIGITAL CODE and Blu-ray formats on Weverse Shop.

Also, Hyundai revealed a video with BTS joining the #TeamCentury campaign for the FIFA World Cup Qatar ‘22. The septet can be seen donning the blue and green #GoaloftheCentury jerseys.

On the same day, global-registration for BTS Island: In the SEOM opened on Google Play and App Store. All pre-registered users will be given an “ARMY Bomb Stand” item which they can use to decorate the island in the game. This was accompanied by the very first episode of “BTS Become Game Developers” on YouTube.

On Instagram, V and Jungkook posted pictures and videos of themselves from the “PTD – LV” Concerts, stealing our hearts with their gorgeous looks once again!

A Weverse article titled “BTS infiltrates the Grammys” was released on April 27, detailing the amount of practice required to put up a stellar performance. Senior Creative Director Son Sung Deuk states in the article: “It's actually not their individual abilities that’s important but the harmony between all the members, so I was really amazed by the synergy they exhibited as I watched them once they were all back together.”

On April 28, the 3rd teaser for That That by PSY was revealed, in which SUGA can be seen wearing a leopard-print shirt in a white suit next to PSY, both dancing their hearts out to the upbeat track. A video showing how PSY got SUGA to feature in the music video was uploaded on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. We love to see how SUGA, quite funnily, got “lured” into learning the choreography for the song!

BANGTANTV also released a special clip from the “2021 MUSTER SOWOOZOO” - Chicken Noodle Soup performance featuring all seven members, which j-hope then posted on his Instagram Story.

On April 29, we went back in time to 2015 to celebrate the 7th anniversary of The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 1. Fans trended #7YearsWithHYYH while posting fanart, lyric discussions and interpretations, and listening to its songs on Twitter.

That wraps up our week! Ever since the announcement of the new album, ARMY has been given almost no time to rest! We hope we have caught you up on all the BTS news this week. Until the next blog, stay tuned! Borahae!

Written by: Pluto

Edited by: Ren

Designed by: Achan

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