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Previously on BTS: Permission To Dance Has Landed July 10-16

Are your hearts beating like a drum, ARMY? There’s no way to guard it because BTS’ third English single Permission To Dance is here to twirl its way to us (like Jungkook in the MV)! The song truly was a gift not just on ARMY’s 8th birthday, but also to everyone around the world who continues to press on through the storms of life. This week was chock-full of content so let’s jump right in!

Permission to Celebrate A New Song!

What’s a BTS song without breaking new records? BTS now holds the top 2 biggest debuts on the Spotify Global chart in 2021 where Permission To Dance (PTD) came in at 2nd place (over 7.339M streams) just behind Butter.

Promotions were well underway starting with a 102.7 KIIS-FM interview and Amazon Music’s electronic billboards. Apple Music also included PTD among the roster of songs in its new immersive audio experience, Spatial Audio with support for Dolby Atmos. We got previews of behind the scenes as well, through the song’s music video photo sketch posted on Weverse. Not only that, Louis Vuitton released exclusive backstage footage behind Virgil Abloh’s Men’s Fall-Winter 2021 Show in Seoul featuring our favorite House Ambassadors!

More Gifts and Behind-The-Scenes!

BTS gifted us with even more presents with the release of their very own ‘Butter’ Album Unboxing. The members demonstrated how to make standees out of the photos. They also expressed delight about which photocard they got (just like us!), and designed the outbox showcasing their quirky and artistic talents. Additionally, a BTS episode about the ‘Butter’ Jacket Shooting Sketch showed how they made those very smooth and buttery concept photos. It was great to live vicariously through the boys enjoying popsicles on the beach and who knew washing cars could be so fun? Jin, SUGA, RM, j-hope, V, and Jimin also kept us company with photos and selfies.

BTS Continues to Go Above and Beyond

On a more serious note, Weverse Magazine released a feature article recounting BTS’ achievements in the US. The article touched on the record-breaking moments that the boys continue to reach, from their very first all-English song Dynamite skyrocketing to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the strength of Butter to remain in the same spot for 6 weeks in a row, to their collaboration with McDonald’s via the BTS Meal in 49 countries worldwide. The feature went on to give us a glimpse at how BTS’ management team approached Western promotions as well as the significant contributions of ARMY to get BTS to where they are now. A day after this article was published, Billboard announced that Butter stayed strong at #1 for the 7th week. We can’t wait to see if a baton pass to PTD will really be fulfilled and scream with SUGA about it!

BTS always tries their best to come and visit ARMY and we appreciated RM for coming on VLive even just for a little while to talk about PTD and his song collaborations with eAeon’s Don’t and TXT’s 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You). He also showed us his new RKive studio and haircut (we sure loved seeing both!) and even teased us with upcoming content by saying his sweatpants were a clue! More PTD content came our way with the boys’ signature dance practice group photo, followed by their ever-energetic choreography video. It’s so endearing to see BTS smile while dancing because it reflects their satisfaction on another hit song meant to sprinkle a bit of joy and hope to everyone.

We continued to enjoy more Butter CD Single promo because BTS was back on The Tonight Show to answer Jimmy Fallon’s questions through video chat. They discussed what it was like to work again with Ed Sheeran and responded to past rumors about themselves and ARMY, before performing Permission To Dance, on July 13. Then on July 14, it was Butter’s turn to shine on the show. Their reaction video to the PTD music video was also released.

It’s been a full week of pure Butter-y goodness! Just remember when your nights get colder, hold on, dream a little bit more, and keep that fire alive. That’s what BTS would like us to do. Live golden, ARMY!

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