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Previously on BTS: Our Fate With BTS January 8-14

Hello ARMY! We hope the second week of this new year has treated everyone well. Although we are not far into the month, BTS has been busy providing more content for our enjoyment. We have plenty of BTS updates, so let’s get into it!


As we have known for a while, BTS and WEBTOON have come together to take us on a journey with new characters and a fantastical story, following seven tiger hunters with rough backgrounds. This week revealed a trailer and concept photos. The first set looks like a movie poster as all seven members face forward, sporting their “7FATES: CHAKHO” attire with a dark blue background. The second set has all the members with a backdrop of a specific scenery and two different poses each. Each member also spoke a bit about the story and their character in short clips. ARMY now has yet another fascinating story to dive into, and we can’t wait!

Golden Disc Awards and Other Achievements

As BTS are on a well-deserved break, the Golden Disc Awards (GDA) performance was a recording of their “Permission To Dance On Stage - LA” concert, featuring Life Goes On and Butter. As they performed before a sea of ARMYs after two long years, you could hear the roar of the crowd as well as the energy and pure happiness BTS expressed on stage. It was like they had finally arrived home because home is wherever ARMY is.

BTS took home four awards for the 36th GDA: Seezn Golden Disc Popularity Award, Best Digital Song for Butter, along with Best Album and Album of the Year for BE.

BTS was the #1 best-selling digital singles artist of 2021 in the US, and became the #1 top selling artist for 2021 in CD sales. Spring Day has surpassed 300 million streams on Spotify and Permission to Dance has sold over 1 million units in the US. Congrats BTS for these amazing achievements!


This week had us witness the special ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION BY BTS merch drops for V and SUGA. V created items heavily inspired by his artistic and classic style. He created a MUTE Boston bag and 3 different series of brooches: Faces, Cloud Drops, and Flower Buddies. The brooches were hand drawn by him and come in different colors and sizes to suit different people.

For the bag, V designed it according to his style but wanted to make sure it would work for ARMYs all over the world. The brown bag is medium-sized with dark green accents and a silk patterned scarf. There were two videos released for his collection. One video showcased the products with Jimin as the MC while Jin modeled each item. The second video was the “making-of Log”, showcasing V as he chose every detail with great attention and dedication.

SUGA then dropped his special collection, which consisted of items he would use but with the day-to-day life of each ARMY in mind. He wanted ARMY to regularly use his creations and therefore wanted to use a simple but sleek design. SUGA created silver guitar pick necklaces that come in two styles, one with the BTS logo and the other with the ARMY logo. He also designed notepads with a black cover and a purple pen that can be used by students and workers alike. The notepads come in two versions with the BTS and ARMY logos, which were subtle but nice.

There were also two videos released for SUGA’s collection. The first showed the products, having RM as MC with Jungkook as the model. The second video was the "making-of log," showing how SUGA knew exactly what he wanted to design for ARMY. He added special details for ARMY, but made sure it blended well with everyday life. Both V and SUGA's creations are beautiful and incredibly useful for different walks of life.

Bangtan’s Updates

BTS kept us in the loop and shared moments with us over on Instagram and Weverse. We witnessed many of the members' fun activities between the two platforms: Jungkook boxing; RM enjoying food, art, and strolls; j-hope enjoying his down time, ARMY time, and work time; Jimin having fun on outings; V sharing fond memories and photos; and SUGA sharing a picture of an ocean.

BANGTANTV uploaded three new videos of BTS having fun on different sets. Louis Vuitton also shared photos of their House Ambassadors as they wore designs by Virgil Abloh on their photo shoots for the Vogue Korea and GQ Korea special January 2022 editions.

Even when BTS are on break, they never feel too far away. We hope BTS and ARMY had a good week. Let’s meet here again soon!

Written by: Lizette

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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