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Previously on BTS - October 7-13

Previously on BTS

10.7 - 10.13

Hello ARMY, and welcome to another week of updates on our boys! First, we would like to show our gratitude to our baby Chim Chim, who gives us so much love! There are many projects on Twitter for celebrating Jimin’s birthday. One of the most noticed is the ARMY Promise Project. Created by @OneInAnARMY, this project invites you a chance to make a promise of comfort, positivity, and love to yourself that you’ll revisit in Chuseok of 2020!

Another worthy mention is another record ARMY and Jimin have just gained! Thanks to all the hashtags planned and incorporated for Jimin’s birthday. ARMY has gifted Jimin the first person to take up all 20 worldwide Trending topics on Twitter!! Congrats, Jimin!!!!

Jimin gives us love so often and in so many ways! Let's see a few ways he shows his love to us:

  • His Vlives! Jimin does his best to talk to us personally on Vlive and he just had one for his birthday!

  • Twitter. Our Jimin always shows his appreciation on Twitter by sharing pictures of the other boys, leaving cute pictures of himself or getting on just to say that he misses and loves us.

  • Ending ments during concerts. His words always show his emotion and gratitude to ARMY. Thank you, Jimin.

  • On behalf of ARMY Magazine and ARMY, Happy Birthday, Jimin!

If you haven't seen it yet, Run BTS is back in action, and the newest episode is available to watch now.

BTS’s vacation vlogs can be found on BANGTANTV. Here are short summaries of each vlog!

Yoongi started the short vlog series by sharing his view of his fishing trip with Jin. The duo, “SIN,” enjoyed ramen and kimchi before they began fishing early in the morning. In his view of the vlog, Jin revealed that they arrived at the fishing dock around 2 am KST. Both Yoongi and Jin had some troubles catching fish, but they enjoyed themselves nonetheless!

Hoseok was next to post his vlog, “Important Business in LA,” where he shared his excitement and preparations for the “Chicken Noodle Soup” music video recording with Becky G. Hobi took us on the plane with him, where he ate Korean Air’s signature 비빔밥 (bibimbap, a Korean mixed rice dish) and enjoyed a movie on his iPad Pro. We then saw the dance captain in his hotel room practicing the choreography before he went to sleep.

Namjoon’s vlog, in which be explored Europe for nine days, was posted next. Our leader enjoyed Europe's museums, fresh European food, and bike riding through the calm streets before going back to South Korea to enjoy the rest of his vacation.

Next, Jin shared his view of the fishing trip with Yoongi. We got to see a short, unofficial Eat Jin show on the boat, where he enjoyed ramen and kimchi, and then fresh fish and boiled octopus. Jin made sure to show his gratitude to the cook, as he mentioned how good the ramen and boiled octopus was.

Following up after Jin, Taehyung’s vlog featured three of his friends on a boat enjoying water activities with him, where V took a brave jump off the boat into the water! His friends cheered for him, knowing he’s afraid of heights. Our Taehyung gets more brave as each year passes. The rest of his vlog consisted of him cuddling his dog Tannie in bed. It's a very sweet and pure vlog, so if you're in need of cute softness in your life, give that one a watch.

The birthday boy, Jimin, posted his vlog next, which left our Golden Maknae’s vlog the last to be posted. Jimin’s vlog was the shortest at only 2 minutes and 56 seconds, but don’t pass it up! It's meaningful, to the point, and captures Jimin during some of his happiest moments. This one can definitely bring a smile to your face!

Finally, our maknae posted his vlog, and it was very Jungkook: 9 minutes and 44 seconds of him working out at the gym! We got to see the youngest working hard to keep his body in shape, and though we don’t yet have a man bun, we did get the whole video with long, wavy-haired Jungkook! This was definitely a fun way to end the vlog series.

BTS World Tour Love Yourself: Speak Yourself Tour is back with a concert happening this weekend in Saudi Arabia! The boys left Incheon International Airport around 7 am PST on October 9th, heading to their destination. They received a “calm and respectful” arrival in Riyadh from the local fans. This was raved about on Twitter within the ARMY, as the boys were treated like “kings,” their personal space was respected, and there was no chaos among the fans at the airport.

ARMY caught the attention of Twitter Moments once again by posting BTS song lyrics in Korean, celebrating Hangul Day, a day marking the invention of the Korean alphabet. One user, @DearMoon246, posted her Hangul and stated, “Young Forever hits different for me as a 57-year-old ARMY … It's somehow both bittersweet and comforting.”

“House of BTS” is arriving in Seoul. The pop-up shop will be held in Gangnam from October 18th to January 5th. The store is rumored to be more than three stories high, featuring showrooms dedicated to the boys as well as zones for visitors to view and enjoy music videos.

That’s it for this week, ARMY. Enjoy the vlogs, footage, and Run episode. Purple you!

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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