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Previously on BTS October 21-27

Hey ARMY! We had another amazing week and received so much BTS content. Below, in no particular order, is a summary of this week's news, so let's get it!

First up we have the PopUp House of BTS in Seoul, which opened its doors on the 22nd of October. ARMY's queued as early as 5am with the store opening at 10.30am. ARMY were there mainly to buy clothing and merchandise, most of which are items that are unique and exclusive to the Love Yourself Speak Yourself: The Final. In keeping with the pink theme, this store is aesthetically pleasing! There are three levels. The ground floor has the clothing and accessories. You can even try out the dance section, which has proven to be quite popular with ARMY. You can even record yourself dancing with the BTS characters in the AR zone. The first floor is where you can visit the 'Persona' café, so if you need to take a rest you can do so before heading on to take your photos with the chibi characters. One can even sit on the bench the boys took photos on. RM at House of BTS

The second floor is where you can take a picture in front of the cardboard standees with the boys (the MOTS group photo for concept 3). On the outside deck there are gigantic inflated ARMY bombs; why not get your friends to imitate the photos with you? Try and replicate one of these perhaps? Jin, V, and Jungkook at House of BTS

BTS also visited the store early in the week. While there, they took some photos, signed some items and left some messages for ARMY. Jimin at House of BTS Jungkook at House of BTS V at House of BTS

In conjunction with the Pop Up House opening, BigHit Official Merchandise posted the various clothing items that are in stock. There are 'DNA' sweatshirts, cardigans, backpacks, Micdrop inspired shirts and jackets. Official BigHit Merchandise-DNA Top, Official BigHit Merchandise-DNA Bags, Official BigHit Merchandise-Mic Drop Top, BigHit Official Merchandise- Persona Bag.

Next up we have some serious news from BigHit Entertainment . On the 23rd, BigHit released a notice, 'Unauthorized Use of Artist Images, Trademarks and Counterfeit Merchandise'. Official Notice from BigHit. In summary, BigHit is reiterating the company’s stance on their zero policy for counterfeit goods.

On a lighter note on the 25th BigHit posted about the 'Make it Right' official mv (vertical version). BTS (방탄소년단) 'Make It Right' Official MV (Vertical ver.) We also received two new Bangtan Bombs this week, on the 21st and 25th respectively. If you haven't seen these snippets, you can view them here

[BANGTAN BOMB] Rockin' out with invisible instruments - BTS (방탄소년단)

[BANGTAN BOMB] Snack time! @181225 SBS 가요대전 - BTS (방탄소년단)

On the 22nd, BTS Run Episode 88 was released, as well as the Behind the Scenes. The mayhem, betrayal, antics and chaotic energy continue! If you haven't watched it yet, we suggest that you grab your popcorn, sit back and enjoy!

On the 23rd, V joined TXT's V Live for a few minutes. He mentioned how hardworking the rookie group are and that it reminded him of his past days when he and his members were starting out.

#1YearWithMono trended on the 22nd. Can you believe it's been a year already since this masterpiece was released?

I-ARMYs rejoiced on the 23rd when Mattel announced that they will be selling the 7 BTS mini dolls. Mattel Teaser Tweet 1 and Mattel Teaser Tweet 2

Also on the 23rd, Guinness World Records announced that BTS achieved the record for the fastest time to reach one million followers on TikTok. Official Guinness World Record Tweet

RM and J-Hope both posted on Twitter on the 25th. Tweet by RM at Seoul Final

J-Hope's tweet was a mirror selfie with a caption for ARMY reading 'See you tomorrow ARMY'. This was referencing the first of the two-day finale concerts in Seoul. Tweet by j-hope at Seoul Final

The 26th marked the beginning of the end for the Love Yourself Speak Yourself Era. The concert was held at Jamsil Olympic Stadium. ARMYs in attendance were blessed as they received goodies such as blankets (compliments of Fila and BTS), massage chairs, and printed photos from the photo card dispenser. The high energy performance from BTS was insane! A great concert experience delivered once again by BTS! What really made ARMY's hearts happy was seeing the slogan BTS made for us, it read 'You are always our start and our end'. Here we are, thinking that's exactly what BTS is to ARMY.

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