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Previously On BTS: October 17-23 This Is Getting Heavy. BTS Dominates The Charts and The World

Here we are again, ARMY, taking a trip back in time and marveling at all the things BTS achieved in just one week! If your jam-packed week has left you with little time to keep up with the boys breaking records or accomplishing goals, fear not, ARMY Magazine’s got you covered. Let’s get into our weekly recap

Light it up like Dynamite

On October 17, BTS' hit single, Dynamite continued to shine throughout the world, as the single certified GOLD in New Zealand, Australia, and New Mexico. The song racked up its 19th win on Korean Music shows by taking first place on MBC’s Music Core. Well done, ARMY! Let’s keep streaming Dynamite and breaking records!

On October 18, Map Of The Soul: 7 – The Journey also certified GOLD in the Philippines by MCA Music Inc. Dynamite reached 19.655 million likes on YouTube, surpassing Gangnam Style as the most liked MV by an Asian artist on the platform. Dynamite also sold 1.5 million units in the US. Dynamite's achievements didn't end there, as the following day, the MV surpassed 500 million views on YouTube, becoming the fastest MV by an Asian act to do so.

BTS continued to attract more fans all over the world, reaching a new milestone of 30 million followers on Twitter. Congratulations!

First Look at BE and Return of Run BTS!

The first (hopefully of many) concept photo for BE was unveiled. This photo revealed an intimate look into both the professional and personal sides of the boys, as they sat in a living room adorned in a mixture of PJs and dress clothes, while surrounded by various instruments. Run BTS! made its return on October 20 with Episode 112, where the boys played classroom games with Professor Kim Seokjin. The Run BTS! Behind for the episode was uploaded later on, filled with ARMY’s two favorite things, BTS’ laughter and happiness.

A Little VLive and Soul

Jimin finally had his much anticipated live, where he confirmed that he was an angel (no surprises there!). Dynamite became a stable hit and continued to dominate on Billboard; the single remained in the top 10 of the Hot 100 chart at #5 and also #1 on the Billboard’s Digital Song Sales, Global 200, and Global 200 Excl. US charts. BTS continued their reign as Billboard’s Top Social Artist and regained the lead on the Artist 100 chart.

May October 21 go down in history, as it is the day both Jungkook and Yoongi went live on YouTube and VLive, respectively. Jungkook showed off his new hairstyle, complete with an undercut and adorable ponytail, while Yoongi played the guitar like a pro, despite only learning to play in the last two months. As if seeing the boys live wasn’t enough, BANGTANTV uploaded an Episode of the 62nd Grammys. The episode gave us a cute and hilarious look at BTS giving 100% of themselves, as they practiced with Lil Nas X for their 46-second performance.

On October 22, the date for Grammy nominations was revealed as November 24, 2am KST. We, along with ARMY, hope for a good outcome, and that the boys’ hard work with Dynamite and MOTS: 7 will pay off. BANGTANTV also uploaded BTS’ spectacular performance for Dynamite on America’s Got Talent, where we got a closer look at the boys’ amazing stage presence and charisma.

Honoring BTS' Music and mono. Appreciation

Boy With Luv hit 995 million views on YouTube. Let’s stream and get it to 1 billion! NDTV (Indian News Channel) also revealed that they will be interviewing BTS on October 31 at 12am KST, so make sure to tune in! BTS became honorees at the 2020 Asia Game Changers Awards, “For raising their voices and inspiring their huge global audience to stand against any form of discrimination.”

On October 23, BTS became the first act to surpass 4.9 billion views on YouTube across all their videos. Dynamite, once again, jumped back to #1 on the World Music Chart for its sixth week (combined) at the pinnacle. ARMYs also took to Twitter to celebrate #2YearsWithMono. Namjoon’s raw and emotional mixtape continued to touch many ARMYs all over the world at their core, reminding us that life consists of light and dark and that both are needed to grow.

Big Hit posted beautiful pictures of BTS’ “MOTS ON:E” concert on their official Facebook page. Boy With Luv and Dynamite music videos reached 19 million and 20 million likes on YouTube respectively, and BTS' popularity spiked on Spotify, as they gained 24 million followers.

As you can see, ARMY, we were well fed this week! Let’s continue supporting the boys with all our might. We can’t wait to see what BTS achieves next week!

Written by: Lisa

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: Rei

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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