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Previously on BTS October 14-20

Previously on BTS: October 14th - October 20th

What an exciting week it has been in the fandom! Sometimes it feels like it’s necessary to publish multiple ‘Previously on BTS’ blogs per week, to actually be able to keep up with the amount of content we are given. For anybody who needs a recap of what happened this past week, here’s a run-down from October 14th to 20th.

Make It Right feat. Lauv

This was a collaboration that seemed to have been highly anticipated, but despite this, nobody was able to actually predict when it was going to happen — so imagine the surprise when the news for this remix dropped. The song, accompanied by a music video, was released on the 18th of October, featuring the ‘I Like Me Better’ singer, Lauv. The music video was especially significant and particularly heart-warming, including alternating shots of BTS and ARMYs at concerts, and an illustrated story which many people speculate to have links with the Bangtan Universe (BU).

All in all, it was a heartwarming reminder of the bond that BTS and ARMYs have created, and gives us a sense of belonging, much like how many of BTS’ other content does.

House of BTS

Yet another pleasant surprise targeted at fans — a BTS pop-up store opened this week in Gangnam, Seoul. The new store includes over 200 types of exclusive merchandise made especially for this event. Even more so, the interior design of the place is an attraction itself: it includes scenes from many of BTS’ music videos. From Yoongi and Jungkook’s iconic scene in Idol, to the signs which appear during Namjoon’s solo in Boy With Luv, this place has some of the most photogenic places, ideal for any ARMY!To top it all off, the area also has what people call an ARMY Bomb Forest in its designated garden, and a BTS-themed café, where fans can sit down and enjoy a coffee all the while admiring the attention to detail for this fascinating shop.

Opened on October 18th, the store is set to be available to fans for another 80 days. Furthermore, other openings of this pop-up store are to be expected in Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka from November 23rd until December 29th. If you find yourself in any of these locations in this given time-period, we recommend you give House of BTS a visit — it’s quite an unforgettable experience!

BTS Character Trailer

Though used part to advertise the pop-up store previously mentioned, these cute caricatures of the members, subtitled ‘the cutest boy band in the world’, deserve a section all to themselves. Most importantly, this seems to be a recurring marketing technique coming from BigHit; that of making alternative ‘characters’ of the BTS members. We’ve seen it with BT21, and we see it again with these chibi versions of the boys.

We can’t say that we’re complaining, really, and we’re excited that, after we have been teased continuously regarding this project, we’re able to understand what it is actually used for. It’s truly a pity that (as of right now) these cuties can only be purchased at the pop-up store!

Love Yourself: Speak Yourself [THE FINAL]

Just recently, it was announced that ARMY would have the opportunity to watch the finale of the Speak Yourself tour (held in Jamsil Main Stadium, Seoul). The finale will be available to watch live through select cinemas as well as through purchase on platforms such as VLive. The performance, which will happen on the 26th of October, will properly call an end to the Love Yourself era. It will surely leave many fans and BTS alike nostalgic for the memories made these past two years, since the release of Love Yourself: Her. However, we are sure it will also have us anticipating what the future will hold.

If we know anything about what it is we should await in the future, it is that we should always expect the unexpected in regards to BTS. More importantly, we should expect something that comes with a lot of meaning and thought behind it.

Remember to stay healthy and hydrated everybody, and don’t forget to smile!

Written By: Ale

Edited by: Marcie

Designed by: Ashley

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