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Previously on BTS: Now It Feels Like a Break (or Maybe Not)! Feb 5-11

BTS are still on a break, but that hasn’t stopped the content being released by BTS or HYBE; although, it is not that much compared to the last two months, apart from being hooked to the webtoon "7FATES: CHAKHO" and its OST, Stay Alive. Nevertheless, let's get into the events that happened this week. Enjoy!

Social Media

Jungkook has lately been on a roll regarding the social media platform Instagram. From posting song covers, choreography videos, and song recommendations, undoubtedly, ARMY just can’t get enough of Jungkook. SUGA, RM, j-hope, V, and Jin have also frequented the photo-sharing platform. j-hope on Weverse posted a cute video that showed Jungkook messing around with him on the same set where they shot the new commercial for Samsung and even interacted with ARMYs’ posts.

In fact, while we are still on the topic, Samsung dropped some photos and a video showing BTS conveying the message that protecting our planet is the need of the hour. It was also announced on February 10 that the commercial will be aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 13. For those who don’t know, the Super Bowl is a championship football game that includes interesting commercials. Some are serious, while others are more on the funnier side. It is a very big deal, so congratulations BTS!

Jimin has been interacting with ARMY on Weverse through posts, stories, and commenting on their posts ever since he got discharged from the hospital after recovering from COVID-19 and surgery for acute appendicitis on February 5. V also interacted with ARMY on Weverse. Jimin and V’s interactions with ARMY on the fan community platform have been truly heartfelt, whether it's about how difficult days have been or sharing their interests like watching movies, working out, or trying out a sport.


From the repackaged album You Never Walk Alone, BTS’ 2017 single, Spring Day, has now spent 260 consecutive weeks in the Top 100 of Melon Weekly Chart as of February 7. On the same day, V’s OST Christmas Tree, from Choi Wooshik’s recently concluded drama "Our Beloved Summer", won the Melon Weekly Popularity Award for the third time. Well done, V!

On February 9, BTS was nominated in three categories for the Korean Music Awards: Artist of the Year, Song of the Year (Butter), and Best K-pop Song (Butter). As of February 10, BTS has spent 47 consecutive weeks on Gaon Social Chart at #1. Butter keeps getting smoother on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart, as the song is now spending its eighth week at #1. Stay Alive, the OST of the webtoon, "7FATES: CHAKHO", is at #1 on iTunes in more than 80 countries so far. Back home in South Korea, the song is at #1 on Bugs, #34 on Genie, and #58 on Melon Top 100. The song is also featured on the “Teen Beats” and “K-pop Daebak” Spotify playlists.


ARMY finally got the chance to listen to the first verse of Stay Alive on February 5 as a companion piece to “Episode 4” of the story. Produced by SUGA and vocals by Jungkook, the lyrics and the tune proved to be a fantastic track, perfectly matching the intense and heart-pounding scenes of the webtoon. The full version, which was released on all streaming platforms on February 11, has without a doubt exceeded ARMY’s expectations. A promotion video was also released alongside the song.

A new Bangtan Bomb showed the BTS members goofing around with each other while pre-recording the performance of Butter for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (at the time when the song wasn’t released yet), which dropped on YouTube on February 9.

Overall, this week has been pretty chill, but not without the release of some new and exciting content, as well as the sweet, frequent interactions between BTS and ARMY. Stay tuned for more blogs, and stay safe, ARMY! 보라해!

Written By: Anugya

Edited By: Cassie

Designed By: Komu

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