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Previously on BTS November 18-24

Hey ARMY, are you ready for another round of weekly BTS recap? From the first episode of Bon Voyage Season 4 to BTS 5th Muster in Japan, looks like there’s no such thing as a quiet week for ARMY!

It’s Bon Voyage Time!

BTS started off this week by releasing BON VOYAGE Season 4 Preview on their official Facebook account, then airing the first episode the day after. Right after the first episode aired, J-Hope tweeted a picture of him and his dog, Mickey, with a caption “I’m going to watch Bon Voyage!”. After watching the teaser where the other members left J-Hope alone at a gas station while he was in the toilet, we think it’s safe to say that this season will be an eventful one.

BTS’ Accomplishments

GRAMMY Museum revealed that BTS have their suits from 2019 GRAMMY Awards on display at the museum as a part of On The Red Carpet exhibit, which made ARMYs wonder if this is a sign that BTS will be nominated for a GRAMMYs. Unfortunately, BTS didn’t make it as a nominee this year even though they are eligible for several categories, such as “Album or Record of the Year”, “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance”, “Best Pop Vocal Album” or “Best World Music Album”. It would be a lie if we say ARMYs were completely fine with the result, but ARMYs were quick to funnel their disappointment into streaming BTS songs even harder in various platforms. In result, BTS’ entire Korean discography re-entered US iTunes for the second time in a month, along with trending the hashtag #ThisIsBTS on Twitter.

On the other hand, Variety announced its third annual list of “Hitmakers” and handed BTS “Group of the Year” title, along with other big names such as Billie Eilish, Ellie Goulding and Ryan Tedder.

BTS Jungkook’s solo song “Euphoria” surpassed 100M streams on Spotify, becoming the first BTS solo song to do so and ARMYs celebrated the achievement by trending #GoldenEuphoria100M on Twitter. Congratulations!

BTS on Publications

Billboard recognized BTS’ “I Need U” as a “Song That Defined the Decade” -- the songs that both shaped and reflected the music and culture of the period. The song remarks BTS’ new era, not only music-wise (shifting from their classically hip-hop root to an electronic-pop ambience) but also overall atmosphere, message and storyline that they create in BTS Universe, generating “a brilliant integration from their album concept, music videos, mini-films to the narratives in album notes as well as Twitter and Instagram posts”. This creates a whole new level of engagement between BTS and ARMY, and makes “I Need U” “less of a song and more of a revolution”.

PAPER Magazine released a surprise issue about BTS titled “Break the Internet”, written by Erica Russel with a collaboration with designer Lisa Frank. The article received a lot of praises from the ARMY as Russel carefully portrayed BTS' long, hard-working journey and how BTS achieved a well-deserved recognition today. The boys looked absolutely amazing in Louis Vuitton, styled by Mia Solkin and photographed by Hong Jang Hyun.

South Korean artist, Kildren, added the last two installments of his BTS paintings, this time it's Jin and Suga. You can give him support on his Instagram.

What’s new on BTS Weverse, Twitter and BANGTANTV?

We mentioned that J-Hope tweeted adorable photos of him and Mickey. Jimin, being his usual angelic and caring self, tweeted twice about the weather because he was concerned about ARMY’s health, so he reminded everyone to stay warm with a lovely selca of him. Aye, Captain! V also tweeted a video of him right after they landed in Japan, stating that he couldn’t sleep and ended up playing with ARMY on Weverse. From a photo of his very first perm to a super close-up selca, V finally tried ARMY’s suggestion to drink hot milk to help him sleep. The two oldest members of BTS, Jin and Suga, also blessed us with a selcas after their Japan fan meeting.

We think ARMY can collectively agree that Jin is probably the most active in communicating with ARMY on Weverse among all the other members. So when an ARMY asked Jin why he doesn’t get an award for that, Jin replied with “no one gave it to me”. In response, Weverse quickly posted a “Perfect Attendance Award” to BTS Jin “For his excellent attendance record on BTS Weverse and his always-cheerful willingness to spend quality time with ARMY”, signed by 2.619.621 Wevers. Jin then expressed his gratitude by leaving a witty comment “give me money as a prize please”.

BANGTANTV released 3 new Bangtan Bombs and 1 video preview of Love Yourself: Speak Yourself in Sao Paulo DVD this week. The first Bangtan Bomb titled “Everyone loves bread~” which took place at the FESTA Family Photo shooting location. The second one revealed how Suga spent his free time which, as many of you already guessed, includes eating and laying down. And the third Bangtan Bomb revealed a cute scene of RM and Jungkook doing squats together.

BTS 5th Muster “MAGIC SHOP” in Japan

BTS had their flight to Japan on November 21 from Gimpo Airport. V and RM stole the spotlight as fans noticed they were all smiley and happy, and Jungkook made us curious as a glimpse of his blonde hair peeked from his hoodie. But the wait is over! Jungkook's long, ombre hair finally made its first appearance at the Muster, and ARMY were head over heels over his fresh look. BTS performed the usual set list for Muster, with the addition of “Let Go” and their latest Japanese single, “Lights” at ZOZO Marine Stadium in Chiba. The attendees got a slogan which said “BTS holds a key to our hearts” for Day 1 and “You have become our comfort and sympathy” for Day 2. BTS will then continue their Japan fan meeting later in December located in Osaka and we surely expect many surprises and beautiful performances there!

Until then, don't forget that the award season has already started and our boys need our full support! Check out our blog to see the list of BTS' Awards and Nominations. Have a great week ARMY!

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Lisa

Design by: Kaitlyn

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