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Previously on BTS-November 11-17

Yet another colourful week with BTS reveals more exciting times — with everything from awards, new merchandise for us ARMYs, and generally more content for everybody in regards to our favourite septuplet, with an emphasis on what the voting season looks like for BTS & ARMY. We’re breaking down everything you need to know that has happened this past week, just down below.


As of now, we only received the results from one award show: the VLive awards. This event gave way to another two wins for BTS — the Top 12 Global Artists award, and The Most Loved Artist.

We are approaching the end-of-year award shows, which only means rising competition and tension. Even more nominations are flowing in for BTS, and it is indeed a very stressful time for ARMYs, so below is a list of the ongoing and pending nominations to vote for:

The AMAs (American Music Awards) for the following categories;

  • Duo or Group - Pop/Rock

  • Social Artist

  • Tour

The MMAs (Melon Music Awards):

  • Artist of the Year

  • Album of the Year (Map of the Soul: Persona)

  • Song of the Year (Boy with Luv, Song Request)

  • Netizen Popularity Award

  • Male Dance Song (Boy with Luv)

The MAMAs (Mnet Asian Music Awards):

  • Artist of the Year

  • Song of the Year

  • Worldwide Fans’ Choice

  • Best Male Group

  • Best Dance Performance (Male)

  • Best Collaboration

The AAAs (Asian Artist Awards);

  • The last round of voting is to end soon. We encourage you to vote!

Naturally, for some of the award shows, the voting is available only to k-diamonds, but if you do have the resources and means to vote, we urge you to do so! Multiple accounts on multiple platforms are especially dedicated to help you navigate the “voting world” of these different award shows — they’re only a click away, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them for resources. ARMY, let’s do this!


Two highly awaited pieces of merch from BTS are both the 2020 Season’s Greetings (which have since sold out) and the previously-teased Bon Voyage Season 4. Both have left us all on the tip of our toes! Just know the pre-orders will end on the 19th of November at 8:59pm KST (which may translate to an earlier time, depending on your timezone — so be mindful if you plan on purchasing it).

It’s truly going to be exciting to finally understand how Hoseok got stranded at a gas station by his band members, with them realizing a little too late, like what we’ve seen in a recent preview.


Following the turn of events at the PCA awards this year, ARMYs have made it their duty to chart as many of BTS’ songs as possible — just to show how truly loved and appreciated their music really is, and to further emphasize the importance of our fandom.

To name just a few of the achievements and charting we managed to do: Make It Right ft. Lauv Remix re-entered the charts at #1 on the World Digital Sales Chart; Map of the Soul: Persona also entered back into the top 50 US album charts at #46; and perhaps most impressively (and this might just be subjective), BTS becomes the first act to ever chart 14 albums simultaneously on the US top 200.

Of course, as always, Spring Day is always creeping up the charts whether or not we are streaming it (this song’s power, I swear…) and as of November 17, is standing at 49th place on the Melon charts.


When it comes to other topics, let us update you on a subject we left you all off with, in last week’s issue of Previously on BTS. The artist going by the name of Kildren, after his previous art of Taehyung, Namjoon and Jimin, has come back with two other ethereal portraits of Jungkook and Hoseok!

Since we’re on the subject of Hoseok, the next piece of news is, quite honestly, one that seemed way overdue in the eyes of many. Ladies and gentlemen, after the nominations began in July, and the rest of the members of BTS began getting nominated for the 100 Most Handsome Faces, Hoseok has finally graced us with his presence in that line-up. A little overdue, as mentioned, but better late than never, perhaps.

Finally, Forbes Entertainment reports that the Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour wrapped up with a whopping $117 million in earnings — becoming the fourth highest-grossing tour of the year — and selling out an average of 48,814 tickets per concert. Way to go, you guys!

Overall, this week has shown us what our fandom is truly capable of doing, and what it is able to continue doing. The following few months will be intense with all the nominations and voting — but we hope you stay strong and keep positive, and in the end come home with the fruit of our labor. Until next week!

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