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Previously on BTS Nov 28 – Dec 4: New Milestones, Christmas Vibes, and More Awards

Following the success of Life Goes On, BTS has continued to reach new milestones and clinched even more awards.

November 28

BTS started the week with a bang by winning their first music show for Life Goes On on Music Core and their 116th music show overall. This came as no surprise – so far, in 2020, BTS is the artist with the most music shows wins (43 in total). Following the rest of the members, RM’s interview and photoshoot images were released on Weverse Magazine. Additionally, BTS’ Life Goes On photo sketch was posted. The group won big at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards. They won three awards in total: Male Idol Popularity, Best of Best, and Song of the Year – one of the most prestigious awards.

November 29

Just one day later, Life Goes On won its second music show, this time at SBS Inkigayo. V sent ARMY into a frenzy when he posted two sets of photoshoot cuts on Twitter, in which he truly looks like the model he is, both in black and white and color. Weverse Magazine released “BTS’ Another Cuts” and announced that there is more coming our way. While everyone’s interview has been posted already, SUGA’s will be released in January. The quotes from each member centered around themes of love, music, and ARMY, demonstrating the deep connection the group has with their fans.

November 30

BTS released another MV of Life Goes On called “Like an Arrow.” This date marked another huge accomplishment for the group – BE debuted at the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart, their fifth album to do so. BTS has truly proved their global power and popularity as BE virtually had no radio play, remixes, bundles, or collaborations. Life Goes On was also the first non-English song to debut at the top spot in the Hot 100 history. Congratulations BTS and ARMY!

December 1

Continuing with BTS’ new stream of milestones with Life Goes On and BE, they received an all-kill on the Billboard charts. Aside from the Billboard 200 and Hot 100, they reached the #1 spot on the following charts: Social 50, Artist 100, Global 200, Global 200 excluding the US, and Digital Sales. BTS tweeted their excitement in the form of a mirror video selfie. All the tracks from BE except Skit landed on the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week. The group also ignited festive vibes by gifting ARMY with a cover of Santa Claus is Coming to Town for the Disney Holiday Singalong.

December 2

In a collaboration with the Grammy Museum, which is fitting because of their recent nomination, the Prudential Center uploaded a Mini Masterclass with BTS on YouTube. The group discussed how they achieved success and what their all-time favorite albums were. Similarly, for Cosmopolitan, BTS played Drip or Drop?and shed light on what they thought were their best and worst fashion statements. At the Genie Music Awards, BTS won the Album of the Year award for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 and Best Song (Dance) for Dynamite. Spotify also revealed that they were the platform’s most streamed group in the US in 2020.

December 3

Both RM and SUGA debuted on this week’s Billboard Hot 100 Songwriter chart at #3 and #9, respectively. As the main songwriters of the group for years already, these are huge accomplishments for the members as their individual talent has also been globally recognized. The second episode of the “MaplestoryXBTS” collaboration was released, as well as behind-the-scenes clips of episode 118 of Run BTS! The group’s performances of Life Goes On and Dynamite on the Late Late Show were uploaded on BANGTANTV. BTS’ Spotify #2020ArtistWrapped showed a huge increase this year with 4.7 billion streams, 271.2 million hours, 85.3 million listeners, and 92 countries in total.

December 4

On Jin’s birthday, he gifted ARMY with a wonderful and lovely original track called Abyss on Soundcloud. Along with BUMZU, Jin, RM, and Pdogg helped produce the track. The song is both sad and beautiful at the same time – the lyrics touch on themes of self-doubt, loss, and uncertainty and is essentially a song for himself. After hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Jin experienced burnout and expressed his feelings through Abyss. BTS’ official Facebook also released photos of Jin over the past year, sending ARMY on a trip down memory lane.

And that’s it for this week! Stay tuned for next time.

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