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Previously on BTS: Not a Goodbye, Rather a See You Soon October 23-28

Welcome back, ARMY!

Another week has passed and we’re back to catch you up on everything regarding our marvelous seven boys. We’ll also have an announcement for you at the end of this entry. But let’s start from where we left off.

So Much Interaction

With the caption “D-2” and the mischievous emoji holding a hand over its mouth, RM shared pictures of his visit to an art exhibition. Art and RM go together like chocolate chips and cookies, don’t you think? However, someone else also pairs well with art: V. He posted his own original pieces, titled “그얼 & 매앤” ‒ girl & man. Later, cutting it awfully close to standby before the concert, j-hope and Jimin posted as well.


At the end of last week’s post, we marveled at the wonderfully cool outfits sported by RM, SUGA, j-hope, and Jin. Now, let’s not forget our maknae line who also looked quite dashing, if we do say so ourselves. Equally stylish and relaxed in their outfits, they concluded the series of individual promotional posters two days prior to the concert. However, as BTS is seven, one picture was still missing from the collection: this lovely group photo of our seven boys appearing fresh-faced and inarguably eager to put on an unforgettable show.

ARMYs, who have lived through a few promotional periods, had an inkling these posters were going to be deceiving. Low and behold, they were correct. More on that will be discussed in a detailed, separate post down the line. Don’t fret, ARMY. We’d never leave you hanging without discussing everything, from styling to stage design to the setlist. After all, we’re not Vegas and what happens during a concert doesn’t just stay there. In case you haven’t watched the online concert yet, there will be a delayed viewing on October 31 at 10 am KST.

The Gratitude Never Stops

The concert left everyone speechless. After all, it was (hopefully) the last time BTS had to perform on stage to an empty venue; one final “let’s meet face-to-face next time.” We would like to take this opportunity to wish all ARMY attending the LA concerts the best time. Enjoy this special moment, make them feel loved and show them that all their efforts have not been to no avail. Judging by their ending ments, a pick-me-up is definitely overdue.

Once the last confetti hit the floor and the concert officially concluded, both Jimin and SUGA voiced their gratitude for ARMY and everyone’s hard work on Twitter. RM, j-hope, and Jin came to Weverse to share some love and appreciation. Our dear V, who couldn't participate in the choreography due to pain in his calf muscles, shared his regrets over not being able to put on his best performance. To that we say, “We’re proud of you and we loved seeing you on stage, even if you were unable to perform the way you wanted to. We know you were frustrated, but be gentle and kind to yourself!”

A day later, but adorable as usual, Jungkook posted on Weverse and conveyed his love and gratitude with a selca, a finger heart and a kissy face.

All Things Social Media

We’re sure that due to the concert frenzy, some news fell under your radar. Fear not, here’s what you’ve missed: Samsung shared some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the members under the hashtag #SamsungUnpacked, while FILA gifted us with more fantastic, rather wintery ads. Equally exciting was this new article published in Weverse Magazine, highlighting past collaborations between BTS and various artists. The author walked us down memory lane while emphasizing the background stories to the collabs, unafraid to state the sometimes harsh context ‒ partly tucked in between the lines, partly out in the open. If there’s one thing for certain, neither BTS nor Weverse Magazine beat around the bush.

Taking A Break

This may come as a surprise to you, our lovely readers, but ARMY Magazine is taking a break. We’ve all been working tirelessly for many months and now we’re going to take some time away to relax and recuperate, so we can come back ready and refreshed. Therefore, this is definitely not a goodbye, but rather a “see you soon” as our wonderful team is heading into their well-deserved pause. From October 31 up until the end of November, no new content will be posted to any of our social media. This means you now have the chance to catch up on everything we’ve posted thus far! Isn’t that great? We think so.

Thank you for reading, ARMY! Take care of yourselves, be kind to others, and stay safe. We’ll talk to you in a little bit!

Written by: Verena

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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