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Previously on BTS: New Year, New Records, Same Band February 6 - 12

새해 복 많이 받으세요!


Happy New Year!

As people from all over the world usher in the Lunar New Year, BTS began the new year as they do everything else: earnestly and thoughtfully, breaking boundaries along the way. During this peaceful week, the boys and ARMY continued to find ways to support each other. Let’s check out what happened together.

February 6

The week began with some incredible numbers from ARMY. They kicked off the week strong, giving the boys 3.5 million streams for MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 and 5.4 million for BE on Spotify alone! Jin was the final member to release his notes on the Big Hit Entertainment Twitter account, giving ARMY a quick glance of the making of BE, combining beautiful visuals with the soothing tone of his vocals, creating a wonderfully bite-sized, aesthetically-pleasing preview of his creative process.

February 7

On Sunday, an interview with Zane Lowe was released on Apple Music Essentials, where the boys explored the meaning behind their latest title track Life Goes On - an internationally successful song like Dynamite. They discussed the importance of supportive relationships and immense gratitude for their fans throughout the years. On BANGTANTV, the boys also released a Bangtan Bomb from V’s birthday, featuring other members decorating his cake and celebrating their second youngest’s 25th year of life. Finishing off the day, the boys completed their “BE Notes series”. In a short video fondly similar to a Golden Closet Film, the final installation of the “BE Notes” was a beautiful, scenic compilation of various locations to the calming synth of Fly To My Room.

February 8

As usual, it wouldn’t be a day without BTS topping the charts. Even after nearly six months, Dynamite still remains at #2 on the Billboard Global 200. ON reached 200 million streams on Spotify - their 11th song to reach this incredible milestone. BT21 released a teaser for UNISTAR’s new song: a heartwarming graphic of the tiny group ice skating and basking in the warmth of a fire. Surprising ARMY, SUGA also returned to Twitter, posting a quick selfie to conclude the day.

February 9

Tuesday was a day of exciting new content! In the latest Run BTS! episode, the boys (minus SUGA) played a series of hilarious games. Tuesday was also the start of a new BE art series, “Curated for ARMY,” on Twitter. In this series, a doodle of an imaginary ARMY’s room is posted, each member adding their own personal touches to it for each update. In regards to music, Dynamite ranked #4 on Japan’s Billboard Hot 100 and reached the six month mark for staying on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Last but not least, it was also announced that BTS will appear on MTV Unplugged, an incredibly famous American acoustic performance program that has been running since 1989. As usual, the boys will make history by becoming the first Korean artists to perform on the show!

February 10

By Wednesday, New Year’s preparations were in full swing. On BANGTANTV, the boys posted a New Year’s Card making video, donning modern Hanboks. They were divided into two pairs and one triplet to design their New Year’s card in only three minutes. SUGA released the first installment of the new “Curated for Army” series, adding a bed, a teddy bear, and a couple polaroids adorning the wall. Later, j-hope, Jin, and he posted selfies in their hanboks on Twitter, offering New Year’s wishes to ARMY all across the world.

February 11

Thursday, Naver released an article summarizing the “Let’s Make New Year’s Card” video, including new photos and well wishes from the boys. RM released his contribution to “Curated for ARMY,” adding a bookshelf and a vase to the little room. He then posted a cute selfie of him in his hanbok to commemorate the New Year. Jimin, V, and RM later returned to Weverse, wishing fans happiness, fond memories, and delicious food. Thursday was also a big day for records. Just as the group had seen a rise in streams since the release of Spotify in South Korea, BTS officially surpassed 15 billion streams on the service. Plus, Boy With Luv surpassed 600 million streams, making it the group’s second song to accomplish this feat, after Dynamite.

February 12

Finishing off the week, Jungkook released his “Curated for ARMY” clip, adding more to the other members’ sketches. ARMYs celebrated the seventh anniversary of the group’s mini album, Skool Luv Affair, reminiscing on the group’s older music. It also sparked many conversations about the boys’ journey with ARMY alongside them thus far.

Even in a non-comeback season, BTS is as active as ever, discussing their artistry, breaking new records, and thanking their fans on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for the second half of February, ARMY! BE (Essential Edition) will release on February 19 and BTS on MTV Unplugged airs February 23 at 9PM EST. As the month progresses, we are excited to see what other surprises the boys have in store. Stay tuned, ARMY!

Written By: Ahimsa

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