Previously on BTS – New week, bigger milestones, and loads of fun! July 17-23

Are we still reeling in the excitement of Permission to Dance (PTD), ARMY?!

Another week has passed, and yet again we were spoiled to our heart's content with photos, videos, announcements, and, most importantly, significant milestones. Since we’ve been kept on our toes, let's relive these moments by reviewing the past seven days!

New achievements and milestones

This week saw not one but several new milestones. They started with PTD topping the Billboard charts following Butter’s seven-week streak and topping the Songs of the Summer chart. According to Billboard, BTS is the first act in nearly 11 years to lead the Hot 100 and Songs of the Summer charts with different songs simultaneously. In addition to these, Dynamite joined Spotify’s “Billions Club” for reaching over one billion streams. Plus, Butter became the fastest song to surpass 100 million streams in history, making it their third entry on the Top 10 in less than a year!

Going beyond musical achievements, BTS also made headlines when South Korean President Moon Jae-in appointed them as his special envoy for Future Generations and Culture. Under this diplomatic title, the members will attend major international meetings, including the 76th session of the U.N. General Assembly, and help send messages of consolation and hope for youth around the world.

New release, merch drop, and more promotions

Moving to new content, Big Hit Music released an R&B remix version of Permission to Dance as a means to express their gratitude to ARMY for their never-ending support and love towards BTS, according to their Weverse announcement.

HYBE also dropped the much-awaited “Memories of 2020” pre-order, showcasing a collection of videos to memorialize music releases, award shows, filmings, and more from 2020.

Weverse Magazine released a write-up titled “The Power of BTS' Songs”, in which they discussed the significance of Dynamite, Butter, and Permission To Dance in delivering the message of looking to the future with optimistic eyes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the cherry on top, BTS performed Permission to Dance at ONGAKUNOHI 2021 and appeared in Spout Podcast for a video interview.

The boys are also set to make their first-ever special show on BBC Radio 1 this coming week. They will be performing Dynamite, Permission To Dance, and a cover of Puff Daddy & Faith Evans’ I'll Be Missing You.

Bangtan and Digital Media

What better way to end our review by looking back on all the social media and digital content showered upon us that made our hearts flutter unendingly. This week started with Big Hit Music dropping the individual PTD photo sketches. Did you all manage to keep your cool, ARMY, or freaked out just like us because of how good the boys looked in the photos?

Actually, even before we could recover from these pictures, we were offered short clips of member-focused videos and the much-awaited YouTube shorts. The members also released an entertaining and highly quirky version of Permission To Dance, encompassing backgrounds made from various Twitter memes. SUGA surprised us with a VLive where he spoke about his studio and rehab progress, and answered questions from ARMYs. He later did a YouTube log where he thanked ARMY for PTD’s success in the Billboard charts and stated how much he looked forward to the day that BTS can perform in front of us again.

And just like that, this content-packed week ended. But we’re definitely not complaining, as we look forward to what will come next - which is certain to bring new surprises! Until then, keep dancing, ARMY!

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