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An ARMY week without any updates to catch up on isn’t an ARMY week at all! BTS is there for us with all their precious content so, if you missed any, have a read through our guide on the Bangtan world this past week. Let 's go!

Video calls from BTS

Since the release of BE (Essential Edition), BANGTANTV uploaded videos where the members sang along to Life Goes On and made it seem as if they were in a video call with ARMY. Each of the members looked beautiful as usual and acted cute to make us smile and laugh. Near the end of the video calls, they showed their personal messages filled with heartwarming words. In response, ARMY trended the hashtag #ThankyouBTS to show appreciation for the love and care BTS gives with such sincerity. It was a lovely gift!

End of February achievements

BTS doesn’t stop climbing new heights and breaking records, so let’s see what they achieved these last few days of February. BE (Essential Edition) album finished with 600k copies sold according to Hanteo, and it re-peaked at number one on this week’s Gaon Album Chart. Fake Love MV surpassed 870 million views on YouTube, Blood Sweat & Tears 700 million views, Epiphany 80 million views, and Mic Drop 860 million views. On February 21, BTS surpassed 1 Billion+ streams on Spotify, in 2021, so far. The same day, MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 had its one year anniversary and it became BTS’ first album to have spent a full year on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Dynamite also became BTS’ first song to spend half a year on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, where it peaked at number one for three weeks in total. ARMY, let’s make next month even bigger for the boys!

BTS on MTV Unplugged

On February 24, BTS’ MTV Unplugged aired. The boys prepared stages for five songs: Telepathy, Blue & Grey, Fix You (Coldplay cover), Life Goes On, and Dynamite. All the performances were incredibly well put together, visually pleasing, and the live vocals were flawless. The messages they gave between songs were lovely; the boys really outdid themselves with this Unplugged performance. And to make it all a million times better, we got amazing OT7 performances, because Yoongi performed with the rest of the boys, after such a long time. What stood out as a big surprise for ARMY was the cover of Fix You by Coldplay. BTS hit it out of the park. The boys said that they loved the song and it had helped them a lot when trying to get through 2020. The lyrics of the song were perfectly transmitted with their soft vocals and harmonization. Jin’s high note left us all on the floor! Overall, it was very memorable and special, and we’re sure ARMY will be cheering for every performance and will listen to them on the regular. Congrats BTS!

Bangtan on social media

The boys have been updating us on social media, and for that we can be nothing but grateful. Let’s see how they’re doing.

On February 21, Jimin uploaded a selfie on Twitter captioned with his signature #JIMIN. On the 22nd, Taehyung came to Weverse to talk with ARMY. It was almost 4 am in South Korea, but he managed to make the most out of his sleepless night! He responded to various ARMY posts and even played a balance game, where if he lost, he’d post a selfie. We didn’t get a selfie. Regardless, thank you for coming, Taehyung! The next day, Namjoon posted a tweet where he was “namjooning.” He posted beautiful pictures of an exhibition he visited called “After Every Winter Comes Spring” at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul. He really loves to share that message, and isn’t it wonderful that he does it through art? Go see the pictures if you haven’t, ARMY!

When we say that Jeon Jungkook is the king of social media, we all mean it. The same day as MTV Unplugged, Jungkook posted a picture of himself with (what appears to be) BLUE HAIR! What a surprise it was, not to mention he looked stunning. Later on, Yoongi tweeted as well. He posted a selfie captioned “블루 앤 그레이~” which means “Blue & Grey”, referring to the MTV Unplugged performance.

Thanks to BTS, we are all a little bit happier, so let’s keep looking forward to more in the future! March is going to be such a great month. Now, let’s prepare for the Grammys, ARMY. And most importantly, keep streaming BE and make Yoongi’s birthday goals a reality. Fighting!

Written by: Ala

Edited by: LJ

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.

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