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Previously On BTS: Mirrors of Reflection October 31- November 6

Since we’re starting with October 31, let’s welcome this blog with ghost meme pictures posted by @BTS_bighit on Naver blog. The boys posed in white sheets and sunglasses, with the background covered in their Hot100 success. The post had 1M+ reads and the Naver blog reached 50,000 followers.

Can you guess who is who, ARMY?

We hope you loved these fun, Halloween pictures as much as we did! BTS has remained a constant source of Joy and Happiness for ARMY around the world, despite everything this year has brought us.

Here are some more updates to keep you smiling.


This week, the official MV of Dynamite reached 9M comments on YouTube and 365M+ streams on Spotify while INTRO: Persona, Daydream, Lights, and ON continued soaring in streams as well. Nothing could stop Dynamite from dominating the Billboard charts; as of this week, it is currently at #3 on BBHOT100 in Japan, #12 on HOT100, #2 on Global 200, #1 on Social 50, and #3 on Artist 100. So many wins! We love to see it!

The upcoming album, BE (deluxe version) reached 100k+ pre-orders on ktown4u alone. This album and its concepts are sure to be one of BTS’ best albums, if not THE best.

KCA Mexico finished counting the votes and revealed that BTS won worldwide hit for ON and Best Fandom for ‘BTS ARMY’. Congratulations BTS and ARMY!


Rolling Stone India played a game with ARMYs, where they had to guess each member’s silhouette before surprising us with lovely pictures of Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, V, SUGA, and j-hope, exclusively for their magazine.

The Melon Music Awards confirmed BTS will attend their 3-day online event. The show will be held from December 2 until December 5. MAMA has also confirmed that BTS will attend and perform for the award show on December 6. What a busy week that will be for BTS!

LOTTE DUTY FREE shared the “making of” clips featuring BTS’ LTD commercial, while FILA posted pictures and clips of BTS, showcasing their 2020 FILA winter collection. Will you be purchasing some new FILA merch?

Speaking of new merch, BT21 unveiled new products, which included plush dolls in two-tone and multi-color options, cute winter standing dolls and even the option to design your own BT21 merchandise (from cell phone cases, hoodies, bags, and more!). Along with new winter products, Dream Baby products are coming to BT21. On the official BT21 YouTube page, the new 7-minute Mukbang of RJ eating crisp nachos featured a very special guest and a sleeping Shooky. Be sure to give it a watch.

TinyTAN has been busy as well, creating a special edition mini cup pack and ice cream bites with Häagen-Dazs Singapore. If you’re lucky, you might get a TinyTAN keychain with your ice cream!


In case you haven’t been following BTS_official on Twitter, they shared concept photos for BTS' upcoming album. Clips of the concepts in mirror version and reflection version were also revealed, as well as the title track, which will be called Life goes on.

More single member concept photos and small clips were also posted on Twitter and BTS’ official Instagram. Each concept photo revealed a room curated by BTS and decorated according to each member’s individual tastes. Audio clips were also included where members explained the inspiration behind their rooms. So far, V’s room represented a violin theme, Jimin a flower theme, RM a monotone and KAWS theme, and Jungkook a music theme.

Jin’s concept photos were posted on November 6, 12pm KST. In Jin’s theme, he is surrounded by gems and precious light colored stones while wearing comfortable silk pajamas and slippers. You can see all the concept pictures and member-related audio clips on the official BE website.

With the anticipated release and promotion of BE, including multiple performances of the new single and album, and the upcoming MAMA and MMA, there will surely be many clips and goodies in store for ARMY and BTS! We hope you enjoyed this week’s Previously On Bangtan, ARMY. Please continue to look forward to many more, especially with one of the busiest times coming up for BTS. We purple you.

Written by: Brianna

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: Paige

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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