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“I suddenly miss you guys so much” ~ RM on Weverse - May 2, 2020

This simple statement from RM explains ARMY’s feelings over the past few weeks perfectly. How could we not relate? Luckily, BTS has tons of social media and video interactions in store to keep the powerful bond between them and ARMY as strong as ever. Let’s take a look into last week’s life with BTS!

Lives for life

On May 2nd, on their VLive channel - which has surpassed 19M followers – DJ SUGA aired a new Honey FM 06.13 session, with RM as a guest. They passionately discussed their hobbies, revealed glimpses into their creative process and read a story to ARMY before sharing their thoughts on other books they’ve read. RM also confessed that recently he can’t listen to Spring Day without tearing up. Later, they commemorated their heartfelt talk on Twitter with a picture and hashtag #0613FM_0502.

Twitter Picture @BTS_twt #0613FM_0502

Nowadays, BTS loves going live in pairs or more. And what a pair we got on May 5th! For 73 minutes - divided in two likely because of the app-crashing power of ARMY -V and Jungkook made carnations for Parents’ Day while listening to music. Jungkook mentioned that he is playing guitar and boxing and V said that he composed a song for his father. They wrapped up the live with V saying he was heading to a meeting, sparking ARMY’s curiosity.

Surprisingly, SUGA went live again on YouTube. Three times. If you enjoyed his first quiet and healing painting time, you should check his other videos. The painting has yet to be finished, but SUGA already titled it “Morning”. How beautiful is that?

Taking to YouTube again, RM, j-hope, and V shared the progress of their upcoming self-produced album. V revealed that he was appointed Visual Project Manager and discussed styling and photo concepts with RM and j-hope. We also got hints that SUGA and Jungkook are Project Managers for album cover art and video, respectively.

Shortly thereafter, Taehyung went on VLive for a Tae Tae FM 6.13, briefly featuring j-hope. He scrolled through Weverse to read and take screenshots of ARMYs’ posts providing him with the YouTube meeting minutes.

Seventh Heaven

This week will also be remembered for the fandom freaking out because of Jungkook’s new cover on Twitter. He posted a video of him singing Never Not, sitting cross-legged on a bed, in short sleeves. All we can say is that we were unprepared and that BTS’ Golden Maknae’s only competition is himself. In 10 minutes, the tweet reached 1M views, surpassing Jungkook’s previous record and it is now the most commented tweet on the app.

This was followed by a Bangtan Bomb titled “VCR time behind”, in which V and Jimin talk about V’s habit of chewing imaginary gum.

ARMYing was a full-time job already when episode 103 of Run BTS! dropped. After Jungkook and V, RM and Jimin had to cook kimchi jjigae (stew) by following remote instructions from SUGA. If you have not checked out this episode yet, be ready for the hilarious return of the squirrel from a past cooking adventure.

Fully involved in the content frenzy, BANGTANTV also uploaded the interview and docent videos of the artists and BTS discussing the “CONNECT, BTS” exhibits.

BTS, the Epitome of Mainstream Music

As always, BTS broke records - often their own. For example, Taehyung’s StayAtHome Challenge video on Tiktok surpassed 19.9M views and 4M likes. MOTS: 7 has now spent 11 weeks in a row at #1 on MelOn Weekly Album Chart and it’s the first album of 2020 to sell 500,000 pure copies in the United States. ON also re-entered the Top 10 of Genie Chart.

On May 2nd, BTS won Favorite Music Group at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2020.

YouTube, which will stream a virtual graduation event on June 6, brought exciting news too. Buckle up, ARMY! “Dear Class of 2020” will feature, as commencement speakers, the Obamas, BTS, and Lady Gaga among other inspirational leaders and celebrities. BTS will also be part of the performance at a virtual grad night after-party.

BTS’ new Japanese album called Map of The Soul 7 ~ The Journey, is set to be released on July 15 with four new tracks; Intro: Calling, Stay Gold, Your Eyes Tell (composed mainly by Jungkook), and OUTRO: The Journey. Let the countdown and preorders begin ARMY!

The “Spring of Our Content” on Social Media

On Weverse, Jin and SUGA commented about SUGA’s collab with IU and their busy lives. As usual, Jin teased while SUGA went straight to the point. When a fan asked how much he loves ARMY, Taehyung replied: “if I ever have a child, I’ll teach them how to say ARMY before saying dad, that’s how much I love ARMY”. This happened only a few minutes after he posted a picture of Jungkook picking strawberries at the farm they visited all together recently. Taehyung, who spent hours online, also confirmed that he was making songs for “our sleepless nights” and played a zombie game with K-ARMYs, being the only human in the middle of a huge herd. Are you keeping up, ARMY?

On Twitter, j-hope shared a stunning #BTS_OF_THE_DAY after he dyed his hair black. The whole group also sent a message via both Weverse and YouTube to encourage us to watch the upcoming docuseries Break The Silence, to be released on Weverse, on May 12.

As the days passed, the members commented or created more posts on Weverse. RM shared a selfie and thoughts, Jin was his usual savage and quick-witted self, even Jungkook shared that he will come on live more often. On Twitter, Jimin posted photos of him playing with dogs then