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Previously ON BTS - May 27–Jun 2

-The Weekly Report-

May 27 – Jun 2

What a great week to be an ARMY! This week, we started our day by getting emotional but also hyperventilating after almost all BTS members tweeted a selca and video, thanking Brazilian ARMYs for a wonderful experience at Allianz Parque stadium.

The excitement built up when Big Hit finally dropped this year's BTS (방탄소년단) FESTA teaser on May 26. Did you notice anything about the video? If you're thinking about BTS 2013 Debut Trailer, then you thought right! BTS 2019 FESTA Teaser has the exact same concept—but in a more colorful way—as their debut trailer, and what makes it more exciting is that Big Hit dropped the teaser at the exact same day they released the debut trailer! Big Hit also shared a timeline for keeping us updated about what is going on on this year's FESTA, which pretty much makes ARMYs all around the world sit on the edge of their seat because we are getting a piano version of Euphoria, something “By Jin” (we are guessing it's a solo song composed by him!), BTS family photos and other photo collections, not only one but TWO Dance Practice videos, the renewal of BTS profile and wrap it all up with Bangtan Attic (방탄다락). Some detective-ARMYs also pointed out that Big Hit is going on a full throwback mode this year as they are planning on releasing BTS Family Photo #1 at the same day they first announced V as BTS' last member (Jun 3) and releasing By Jin at the same day they released Jin's debut photo (Jun 5). Is it a coincidence? We don't think so!

At the same time, BTS (방탄소년단) 'MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)' MV became the 4th MV to reach 500M views on Youtube alongside with “DNA,” “Fake Love” and “Fire,” and ARMYs celebrated the achievement by trending #MicDrop500M on Twitter. Another achievement comes from our respected CEO and executive producer of Big Hit Entertainment, Bang Shi-hyuk himself. Mr. Bang made it to Billboard's list of 104 International Power Players for two consecutive years as they released the list on May 28. Billboard recognized Bang Shi-hyuk as “the mastermind behind BTS [who] catapulted the seven-man K-pop band to No. 1 on both the Billboard Artist 100 and Billboard 200 charts and engineered a sold-out Love Yourself: Speak Yourself stadium tour across the globe” (Billboard, 2019).

BTS is going to release their 10th Japanese single 'Lights/Boy With Luv” on July 3 and they gave us the first look of the album covers (. The album will be released in 4 versions, one bundled set, and including a Japanese original title track “Lights” and Japanese version of “Boy With Luv” and “IDOL”.

We also got 5 new BTS Bombs this week, the first one showed us how BTS loves the age filters on Snapchat especially Jungkook, Jimin, V and RM. They couldn't stop giggling and playing with the filters which—probably—gave us this golden meme from Jungkook. The second one was when actor and solo singer Park Bo-gum paid BTS a surprise visit at their Love Yourself Hong Kong concert after he finished his fan meeting, which made Jungkook and Jin flustered as he showed up wearing a Cooky headband and praised Jin for his vocals (we can definitely relate to that!).

The third video was when BTS reenacted scenes from a famous K-Drama, “Goblin” but in a more hilarious way and the last two BTS Bombs were a bloopers from “IDOL” MV shoot where they made faces while shooting Jin's and V's part and a dance battle between Suga and J-Hope vs V, RM and Jin vs Jungkook and Jimin .

Big Hit, via BTS’s official Twitter account, recently dropped the 5th Muster Information and Program Guide for both the Seoul and Busan shows. We can't handle the excitement as we know that there will be a PLAY ZONE, consisting of several stages and spaces: Play Stage, LoL Space, A-Yo Space and YamYam Space where you can participate in events and programs to collect stamps and exchange it with small gifts.

As BTS landed in London this week, the boys made sure everybody knows they are in town by performing on one of the most prominent stages in the UK, Britain's Got Talent Semi-Final show! BT21 will also be visiting the famous Camden Market for a pop-up shop, starting from May 28 until June 2. Moving on to one of the most awaited concerts this weekend, Wembley Stadium (and London in general) is preparing to welcome BTS by turning the stadium purple.

As for those of us living far away from London and not able to attend Speak Yourself Wembley, VLive had been live streaming from Wembley!

While recovering from post-concert depression, why don't we enjoy the latest—and the last—episode of BT21 Universe and FESTA Opening Ceremony Family Portrait?


Images and footage by: BTS, Big Hit, & Wembly Stadium

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Anna, Marcie, Nasty


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