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Previously on BTS - May 13-19


13th May - 19th May

This week has been no different from last week. Their schedule is just as packed and they started this week with the Chicago concert! The Chicago attendees were spoiled by BTS during both shows. One lucky fan received Taehyung’s hat, another got a personal video of Jungkook directly on her phone, while yet another fan got a high-five from the Sunshine, j-hope, himself.

‘Fire’ and ‘Boy With Luv’ kicked off Good Morning America’s free Summer Concert and ARMY were in full support for the boys. SUGA received his hug from Michael and Jungkook bashfully accepted praise from the hosts on GMA.

A fun article regarding the boys on GMA, was written about on’s. “The boys showed how to put a summer spin on suits, with each wearing a grey or black suit with pastel blue button-ups, print t-shirts, or patterned ties...BTS is paving the way for you to step up your fashion game” (Baily, 2019). While ARMY isn’t new to the concept of BTS fashion paving the way, it seems each year they come back to America, there’s a new flock of reports hyping up our boys’ taste in fashion. We stan fashion kings!

The next day BTS appeared and performed on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night show with a Beatles rendition of ‘Boy With Luv’. The introduction of the boys and the performance were a homage to the Beatles first appearance on The Ed Sullivan show 50 years ago ( plus 5 years, 3 months and 10 days). ‘Make It Right’ was later performed on Stephen Colbert’s Late Night Show the following day. The performance was in full color this time, as opposed to the Black and White edition of ‘Boy With Luv’, the boys were seated comfortably on stools and the lights were dimmed with a blue glow surrounding them. It made the perfect atmosphere for enjoying the vocal kings including j-hope aside SUGA and RM’s delicate rap verses.

After the Colbert Show, The Kims (Jin, Namjoon, and Taehyung), were spotted in New York’s Koreatown for a late night dinner at Miss Korea BBQ. Reported in the same article, Taehyung, being the OT7 and ARMY president that he is, mentioned “Our fans are the best. They are motivation. We love you ARMY... Thank you for waiting for days in the rain and cold,” (Dosani, 2019).

Clearing up an important matter is The Voice’s support they received from Big Hit where the boys further confirmed by recording a video stating they’ll be performing ‘Boy With Luv’ on The Voice. The beginning of the week caused mixed signals as BTS wasn’t announced for the season finale but Big Hit released their own statement in reply to TV Daily. Later BTS retweeted The Voice’s BTS announcement, further cementing the performance we will get on May 21st. RM mentioned in the 13-second video “we are so excited” to be performing on such a big US TV finale and ARMY matches their excitement.

Moving on to the victories of this week.

Friday, May 17th (USA time), marked #1YearWithTear. Liam McEwan tweeted his 2018 Tear interview which was well received by ARMY and BTS themselves, MTV tweeted about the 1 year anniversary, and we reminded of Tear’s success including first Korean album to get #1 BB200, Top 10 Hot 100, debut at the BBMAs (which was a beautiful, surreal moment for both BTS and ARMY), Grammy-nominated album and FAKE LOVE certified by RIAA. It was a busy year for Tear and all the success they received was rightfully earned.

Vlive recently celebrated BTS new milestone of 14 million subscribers!! Follow the boys Vlive official account where you can catch up on all the Run BTS! Episodes (currently at ep.71 Behind the scene), buy the live stream for BTS 5th Muster (Magic Shop) streaming in Seoul, all the Comeback live specials, and so much more.

Last but not least, the boy's BT21 children got their own victory this week winning the New York Advertising award! If you haven’t caught up on the lastest BT21 Universe story, do that here. You can find out all the information regarding the characters past family, why they moved to Seoul, their enemies and their strengths and weaknesses.


*Images from BT21, Bighit Official, and BTS

Written by: Brianna

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