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Happy birthday week to our Min Yoongi!

This week has been filled with BANGTAN bombs, dance choreography videos, award wins and many birthday tweets to our Yoongi!

The birthday celebrations started with two VLives from the whole group and from Yoongi. Later, BTS Official Twitter posted a Facebook link to Yoongi’s birthday photo album.

Birthday Tweets for Yoongi

In the recap of the group VLive featured in last week’s PoB, Yoongi considered having dinner with his family for his birthday. However, Jin convinced him to celebrate with the boys and Yoongi took Jin up on his offer to have dinner with the group, provided his hyung would pay for everyone. The birthday boy's favorite chocolate and strawberry cake was delivered by Jimin while Hoseok filmed the moment of ‘SUGA’s surprise’ for ARMY, which he shared on Twitter afterward. Hoseok also uploaded proof that Jin paid for the dinner with a short video recording of Jin using his card to pay 878,000 KRW (725 USD) for the band and staff’s dinner.

Wins and Records

Earlier this week, Soompi’s K-Pop Music Chart 2020 released an article showcasing ON rising five spots to number 1 with a perfect score. Congratulations BTS and ARMY! As you may know, ON had eight wins under its belt on week two! Week three gave ON its 9th and 10th awards with Show Champion and Music Bank!

With these wins, BTS has reached a new record for themselves. @bts_spotifydata tweeted that 66 of BTS’ songs have charted the Global Top 200. This is the most songs for a group! Along with this news, @btschartdata also announced that BTS won Ticketmaster’s ‘Touring Milestone Award’ for selling over 1 million tickets in 2019 alone!

Even more exciting, Mnet Channel released a 5-minute interview for Mnet’s 25th anniversary. The video was tweeted with both Korean and English versions. The English version of Mnet x BTS | 25 Mnet Interview has official subtitles with the boys speaking in Korean. In the video, BTS reminisce about their history with Mnet, discuss their performances at KCON, their first Artist of The Year win and the 2018 MAMA win. It’s a must-watch for ARMY!

Media and Vlives

Another video was published by ENTERCOM on YouTube titled BTS Reveal What To Expect “ON” the ‘Map of the Soul’ tour. In three minutes and 15 seconds, BTS talks about what they are excited to show us on the tour, where they’d like to perform and more. Taehyung and Hoseok mention that they’d love to perform soon in Argentina and Africa, respectively. Namjoon talks about how their usual stage isn’t big enough for the marching band on tour. Maybe The Lab will be on tour with BTS?

In the meantime, Yoongi went on VLive and spent an hour with ARMY a day before his birthday.

BANGTANTV has been spoiling ARMY this month as well. So far, we have 6 new videos on the channel. This includes BTS ‘ON’ MV reaction, BTS amazed and amused by a wall made of phones in Seoul, two BTS stage CAM videos, a 7-second interview video, and Yoongi’s congratulatory moving image.

Big Hit also released Run BTS! Episode 95 on March 10. The boys played nostalgic games they grew up on and cooked honey treats.

V had some interesting news to share with ARMY too, when he announced a self-produced and written OST for Itaewon Class, released on March 13 at 6pm KST. The title is Sweet Night and ARMYs can’t help but hoping that it was a great moment for both V and his fellow Wooga Squad friend Park Seo-joon (starring in “Itaewon Class”). The song came in full English and V’s vocals are the perfect tone for a sweet dreamy night.

ARMY Goodies

ARMY were sent into a frenzy several times. We knew that BTS will be touring in Europe but now it is official that tickets will go on sale March 20.

On top of that, Black Swan Official MV Photo Sketch has been shared on BTS’ Facebook page and Samsung released a video collaboration with BTS for the new Galaxy S20 series. In the short video, we get to “experience authentic BTS moments. All shot directly by BTS using the Galaxy S20 series.

Also, a well-known singer Kim Yeon Woo recently stated he gave vocal lessons to Yoongi and Jungkook. The short article reports that Jungkook never learned how to sing so he reached out to Kim Yeon Woo for lessons.

We have had a lot of teasing this week, too. First, came the news of a new upcoming docuseries titled Break The Silence. No further information has been provided just yet, other than episodes 1 and 2 are under review for release. Stay on your toes, ARMY, this could drop very soon!

Then, BTS’ 5th Muster (Magic Shop) DVD spot has been published on BANGTANTV! The release date is April 7. The package features 4 discs with around 450 minutes of content. You can preorder on Weverse for 47 USD.

Well, ARMY, it has been another busy week for us, don’t you agree? We hope you stay safe and healthy during this upcoming week. Don’t forget to stream!

Written by: Brianna

Edited by: Ren and Hel.B

Designed by: Connie

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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