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Even if we continue to spend our time at home (and miss BTS every single moment), the content from our favorite boys keeps on coming. This week was as exciting as any other, as they gifted us with a heap of selfies, heart-warming interactions, and upcoming content to look forward to!


The weekend kicked off on a great note as BTS’ ON took first place on MBC’s “Music Core” for the fifth week in a row! This brought ON to 16 music show wins in total, making the boys the artists with the most wins in 2020.

To add a cherry on top, the lead single re-achieved an All-Kill on Melon and reclaimed its spot at number one. Map of the Soul: 7 stayed strong as it occupied 1-16 spots on Melon, 5 weeks after the release!


BTS did an interview for iHeart’s Most Requested Live, where the boys talked a bit about MOTS: 7, working with Sia, and their growth as a band. You can listen to the full interview below:

However, the biggest and most anticipated appearance this week was James Corden’s “HomeFest,” a quarantine edition of The Late Late Show. With this, the BTS drought was ended (at least for a bit) as the boys, dressed in comfy clothes, performed Boy With Luv in their dance practice studio, and sent their warmest wishes to ARMY. The fans showed their love and support by trending #BTSONHomeFest at number one worldwide.


This week BTS missed ARMY as much as ARMY missed them. Taehyung actively engaged with ARMYs on Weverse: setting up a virtual company dinner, sharing his passion for photography/fashion, giving music recommendations, and more. While the rest of the crew took to Twitter. The hyung line – Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, and Namjoon – posted a few selfies to brighten ARMYs’ week. Yoongi also shared his lyric notes of 134340, The Last, and Outro: Tear which shook ARMY Twitter.

Jimin kept his promise this week too, and did another live on VLive. His hour long stream had it all: a mukbang, a Q&A, and a song recommendation! One of the many highlights of the live was a little skit he did with Taehyung over the phone. Jimin also made one more promise of doing another live with Taehyung soon, and we can’t wait for it!

Everyone’s beloved Pomeranian, Kim Yeontan, made a brief appearance on a series of videos (1, 2) Taehyung posted on Twitter.

Just Yeontan being cute Yeontan.

Two Bangtan Bombs were uploaded this week to keep ARMYs’ spirits up. The first had Taehyung and Jimin do a short, university-students-riding-the-same-subway skit during their filming for the “Subway Special” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The second Bangtan Bomb had Seokjin, Yoongi, and Jungkook do a unit shoot with a concept of playing hopscotch.


A few announcements were made this week, too!

BT21 dropped a second teaser for “BT21 Universe” Season 3, airing April 16.

Don’t forget to collect those wings and upgrade cards, as BTS WORLD has also announced a brand new “Another Story” Season 2 for ARMYs to enjoy!

BTS also appeared on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 ads to introduce 8K video capabilities, a display that enhances gaming experience, and to show off the phone’s night function.

Additionally, FILA Korea made an announcement of a new collection, “LOVE YOURSELF,” in collaboration with BTS, coming on April 10! The only thing that’s left to figure out is how quickly will the collection sell out?


This year, April Fools took off with the fandom time travelling back to 2013 for BTS’ debut. ARMYs started preparing for the prank 2-3 days prior (which was hilarious), and when the clocks struck midnight in South Korea, Twitter transformed into the “No More Dream” era. Fans tweeted about the “new” rookie group and their debut, falling in love with BTS all over again. Even Tiger JK (a highly-influential rapper, music producer, and entrepreneur) joined in on ARMYs’ prank, tweeting about the rookie group.

To no one’s surprise, #DebutWithBTS trended worldwide, followed by six other hashtags. Not only that, but BTS’ No More Dreamentered the top 40 on US iTunes, while every track off 2 COOL 4 SKOOL was simultaneously charting in the top 200. With this, even Elite Daily and Teen Vogue covered the April Fools prank!

Even in these tough times, BTS is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Let’s continue to support each other, stay safe, and healthy!

Written by: Jynx

Edited by: Dae

Designed by: Judy

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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