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How is your #StayAtHome going? Are you doing well so far? Do you have enough BTS content to keep your boredom away? Well, if you’re having a hard time keeping up with all the news while doing your jobs from home, we’re still here to give you everything to know about BTS this week!


With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the globe, Big Hit announced in February that they canceled BTS opening show of the upcoming world tour in Seoul this April. This, apparently, also affected the Europe tour. They had postponed ticket sales for the European leg, and many ARMYs started to wonder if that would also affect the US tour. So, to lighten up the atmosphere, some ARMYs, supported by WING Alliance, planned to do a project called “ARMY Concert For BTS” on April 11, to show our support not only for the boys but also for the other ARMYs. Interested in joining the project? Go ahead to their Twitter, @ConcertForBTS, and show some love!.


BTS (V to be exact) and New Hope Club’s Blake Richardson had been exchanging tweets about collaboration and ended up following each other on Twitter. In the meantime, SUGA’s Interlude, which SUGA wrote with Halsey, had been registered at KOMCA, marking his 103rd work to do so. Oh, and by the way, Sweet Night by V was also registered at KOMCA! He has now 11 songs registered under his name. On top of that, BTS is now the group with most songs having 100M streams, j-hope’s Hope World had surpassed 200M streams on Spotify and BTS won 4 awards at the Fact Music Awards (Daesang, Artist of the Year, TMA Popularity and Listener’s Choice Award).

FILA Korea surprised us with their new collection collaborating with BTS, called Voyager. The collection consists of shirts, jackets, shoes, and bags with the quote “Born To Shine” and each BTS member's zodiac on it.

Samsung also posted various videos on their Instagram stories, promoting their new Samsung Galaxy S20 with BTS.

Moving away from the brands, WHO (World Health Organization - an agency of the United Nations responsible for directing and coordinating international health - urged BTS to join the #SafeHand challenge to raise people’s awareness on how to prevent a further spread out of the new Coronavirus.

Most ARMYs know already that BTS will release a new docu-series soon, dedicated to their journey as an artist and performer. However, the first and second episode will talk about the “Love Yourself World Tour”, especially in Japan and other Asian countries.


Now ARMY, prepare yourself because it will, most likely, be a long list of BTS achievements in terms of charting. Alright, so where do we start? ON earned its 14th music show win this week on Music Bank. With 14 wins, BTS is the artist with the most music show wins in 2020. Sweet Night by V landed on #1 position in 80 countries in iTunes only a week after its release. BTS topped the Billboard Social 50 Chart for 170 consecutive weeks now, still holding on to their own record. The album Map of the Soul: 7 had reportedly sold more than 3.4 million copies, marking it as the biggest album released in South Korea this year. They also dominated the World Digital Song chart, for the third week in a row, owning 21 of the 25 spots there. Last but not least came from the “queen of the charts”, Spring Day (released in 2017), which became the first song to surpass 100 Million Digital Index Points on Gaon chart in 2020. Now, insert your favorite Spring Day meme as a warm welcome!


Did you miss BTS because of the social-distancing? This week, ARMY couldn’t contain it anymore. We missed BTS so much that we trended #ARMYMissesBTS to send support to the boys. Well, the good news is, they missed ARMY too! We can see it from their posts on social media. On Weverse, j-hope shared a couple of selfies and a photo of Mickey, along with some of his movies and music recommendations, perfect for killing time at home. Jimin also took time to post a selfie and said: “I love you and miss you so much”. Guess whose knees are weak now? V, Jungkook, Jin, SUGA and RM also alternately appeared on Weverse.

When trying to continuously stream BTS’ songs, ARMY realized Outro: Ego was missing from the search result of Youtube, so we trended #WhereIsEgo in order to bring it back.

BANGTANTV released another Bangtan Bomb, showing BTS’ reaction to the Black Swan MV. To many ARMYs, the star of the video was Jungkook, who made them laugh with his high-pitched “JIMIIIIINNN~” every time he saw his hyung solo dancing on the screen.

Run BTS! Episode 96 was also released this week, in which they played their childhood games including Beyblade spinner battle and showed us how “glorious” Rock Bison truly was (remember Jimin’s muscular Beyblade? They loved it so much that j-hope and Jungkook kept mentioning it on Weverse!). Also, how can we forget a cute clip of j-hope hopelessly chasing his mini car which drove out of the track? Trust us, you wouldn’t want to miss this episode!

That’s all we’ve got for you this week! Remember ARMY: stay safe and hydrated, always wash your hands, wear a mask if you’re sick, eat vitamins and love BTS from your home!

Purple you, ARMY~

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Jessenia and Hel. B

Designed by: Kaitlyn

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.

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