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Previously on BTS: Let BTS Tell Us A Million Tiny Things That We Have Never Known December 25 - 31

Got your Christmas stockings ready and your presents under the tree? The only thing you need now is to blast BTS' songs to accompany you through the festive season! BTS are still on their second official vacation, but that doesn't stop us from having fun and celebrating every little thing that happened this week! While you’re writing your 2022 resolutions, here are some highlights that happened in 2021's final week!

December 25 - Butter (Holiday Remix)

Jimin posted a picture of himself on Instagram, which followed with a comment from j-hope.

Unfortunately, after SUGA was diagnosed with COVID-19, RM and Jin also tested positive, but only with mild symptoms. We all wish them a speedy recovery! ARMY, please remember to wear a mask and wash your hands, okay?

The upcoming Webtoon story, "7FATES: CHAKHO", revealed a poster and the first special episode starring Jin. Christmas Tree by V now holds the record for the highest debut streams for a Korean OST on Spotify in 2021, with +1.461M streams.

December 26 - Dope

BANGTANTV posted a Bangtan Bomb of BTS on SBS 8 O’Clock News, showing how grateful they are to appear on the news. They talked about the positive impact they've shown to their fans and promoted their recent releases, Butter and Permission to Dance.

j-hope took to Weverse to support and praise V’s OST, Christmas Tree, and commented on a few of ARMYs’ posts. j-hope then shifted to Instagram to post some pictures of himself. V posted an Instagram story promoting his 2020 Christmas single, Snow Flower, and paying tribute to his friend, Choi Wooshik.

December 27 - Stay

Lee Jungjae, the male lead for the Netflix smash hit show, “Squid Game”, dropped a surprising selfie of him and V on his Instagram. With V wearing a “Squid Game-inspired'' costume during the band’s “Permission To Dance On Stage - LA” concerts, ARMY has since begged him to make an appearance in Season 2 of the show.

Jungkook posted a relay of Instagram stories of him watching a dance survival program, “Street Dance Girls Fighter”, saying that he had so much fun watching it. j-hope also posted a picture of a tiger door decoration for his feed and story, showing that he's in a recording studio. Could this be a new album, or perhaps a mixtape, that we smell here?

Knowing that ARMY has been anxious for him, SUGA visited Weverse to say that he is doing well in quarantine, so ARMY doesn’t need to worry too much. We will make sure to wait for you, SUGA! V also posted on his Instagram story, showing him visit various fan projects scattered around Seoul for his birthday.

BTS won Best Male Group and Initial Chodong Record Award for Butter at the 2021 Hanteo Music Awards and 5 BTS songs were certified by RIAJ (Recording Industry Association of Japan). Euphoria and Let Go were certified gold, while Best of Me, Dionysus, and Not Today were certified silver. Congratulations, BTS!

December 28 - Dynamite (Holiday Remix)

RM commented on SUGA’s previous Weverse post, claiming that he is also doing well in quarantine. Also on Weverse, V challenged artist ARMYs to draw a Simpson-version of him based on a photo taken from his Vogue photoshoot, which ARMY happily did for him. On Instagram, V posted a clip of Ashley Park, actress of the Netflix series, “Emily in Paris”, in which she performed Dynamite.

Speaking of Dynamite, it became the first song by a Korean Act to hit 1.2 billion streams on Spotify and has now surpassed 500 million streams on Oricon, becoming the first Foreign Act and the second song in history to achieve this. Vogue and GQ Korea released a making video for their “BTS Special Edition,” and BANGTANTV posted a Bangtan Bomb of Jimin and Jungkook during one of the concept photoshoots for Butter.

December 29- 31 - Outro: Wings

RM visited Weverse briefly, and j-hope teased us again on his Instagram story, showing him in a recording studio followed by a photo of RM in a sleeveless shirt, which made ARMY go crazy. RM posted on his Instagram feed but then complained that he ran out of pictures to post. Get well soon, RM, so you can take as many photos as you like!

On December 30, it was V's birthday! The BTS members celebrated the day by posting memes of V. How does he manage to look good in every picture? V expressed his gratitude on Weverse, showing off his big birthday meal. We love to see it!

Happy New Year! BANGTANTV shared a video of New Year wishes from BTS, and they all posted on their personal social media as well, wishing us a wonderful journey ahead. As we are approaching a new year, we would like to thank BTS for their consistent hard work and making ARMY the happiest they can be. In 2022, let’s continue to strive for a better future. We purple you, BTS and ARMY!

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Cassie

Designed by: Achan

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