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Previously on BTS - June 24 - 30

-The Weekly Report-

June 24-30

We’re back with another weekly roundup of BTS’s activity. The boys were busy this week, and we were blessed with tweets from 6 of the 7 fellas. And let’s not forget the mystery tweeter who dropped a picture of V’s dad with the caption, “He looks like his dad.” Before we get to the tweets, however, let’s talk about the purple elephant in the room.


BTS World finally dropped in its glorious entirety on June 26th (KST). While there are some bugs needing to be worked out (as there always are with a new game), it’s a lot of fun to play. The picture cards, videos, and other fun snippets are exciting to experience. And by the way, if you haven’t seen the many tweets to prove it, RM is playing along with us. Who do you think is the better Manager, him or you?

Along with the game came the new soundtrack, BTS World (OST), but with 9 more original songs. Each member received his own theme, an instrumental track that accompanies his story and fits his personality. There is something for everyone in these themes, from RM’s “Captain”, a detective style ditty, to Jimin’s “Cake Waltz”, a beautiful music-box style song reminiscent of a ballet. In addition, we have new songs from Okdal (LaLaLa) and Lee Hyun (You Are Here), which came with the vocalized and instrumental versions. These tracks accompany the previously released tunes, which ARMY has already fallen in love with (see the previous blog).

Now on to the tweets. Brace yourself, ARMY, there are over 10 of them. On 23rd of June,

Jungkook tweeted “I was very happy” referring to the Muster show in Seoul. He included two selcas of him riding in the car, wearing his seatbelt (like an exemplary person should). On the same day, RM tweeted “Thank you so much, Magic Shop” with a sleepy emoji and two selcas just prior to J-Hope tweeting, “Our Magic Shop, I love you ARMY” with a purple heart and his favorite emoji with a smiling selca. Then Suga tweeted “The Magic Shop is closed temporarily ~ everyone worked hard” and he blessed us all with a selca, too.

On the 24th of June, J-Hope tweeted again, this time in support of collaborator Zara Larsson. He wrote, “My friend @zaralarsson new song is out!!!” with three emojis to celebrate her new track “All the Time.” Then on the 25th, Jin sent a tweet saying, “I pressed tweet why didn’t it post? [giggle] This is late but Magic Shop was so fun ARMY I love you.” He included two pics of himself in a pink headband. Not to be outdone, J-Hope and Jimin both tweeted pictures of themselves with dogs. Well, sort of. J-Hope said, “taking a walk, taking a walk” with a picture of him and Snoopy while Jimin tweeted “Tan-ahh I miss you. Taehyung-ah I miss Tannie” #JIMIN” and two selcas of him and ARMY’s favorite pup, Tannie. Don’t worry, Jimin, we all miss Tannie.

June 26th brought us two tweets featuring KAWS when J-Hope tweeted “KAWSHOLIDAY” with a selca of him and some KAWS stuffies, and then RM tweeting “it’s fa-a-alling” with pics of him and a KAWS pillow on his head which, indeed, was falling into his eyes.

Forwarding to the 28th of June, ARMY was amazed when news broke that we would receive another wonderful gift: a music video for “Heartbeat.” The tweet announcing the video stated, “Enthusiastically sung by BTS (clap). We’ve prepared special gifts for all of you! Check out the MV especially made for you, our dear Managers!”

As if all these tweets, the soundtrack, the game, and the beautiful new themes weren’t enough, Jungkook made all of us smile when he shared two pictures of himself with Lee MinWoo. With the caption, “Bromance.” Jungkook showed ARMY that he and MinWoo still get together from time to time and continue to kindle their friendship. Their special bond began three years ago when they appeared together on an episode of Celebrity Bromance, hence the caption. Did your heart swell as much as ours did knowing they still care about each other?

Now that we are all caught up, we are curious: what’s your favorite theme from the soundtrack? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @armymagofficial. See you around, ARMY!


Written by: Marcie

Edit by: Nasty, Aury, Alex, & Miranda

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