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These last few days have been, as usual, full of content and news of breaking records. Even though we are in a pandemic and reality is as brutal and harsh as ever, many needed BTS as a detox to cheer up so that later on, it is possible to deal with issues in a cool-headed manner. Keeping this in mind, here’s the new blog about all the important BTS news that has happened last week.

As part of the July 15 release of BTS’ 4th Japanese album MAP OF THE SOUL 7 ~ THE JOURNEY, a 22 minutes documentary titled “BTS Music Journey” was released for members of the Japanese Fanclub.

On June 21, Jimin and Jungkook did a two-part live stream on VLive where they made kimbap, looked at ARMYs’ comments and talked about what they have been doing these days. One important announcement they revealed is that they have made some songs for their new album.

The next day on June 22, BTS & Big Hit were awarded the 2020 UNICEF Inspire Award for their Love Myself campaign. This year, 100 campaigns were considered from 50 countries, and “Love Myself” won in the “Integrated Campaigns & Events” category, which was voted on by UNICEF staff worldwide.

On the same day, the first performance of Japanese single Stay Gold from the upcoming Japanese album MAP OF THE SOUL 7 ~ THE JOURNEY was broadcast on TBS’ show “CDTV LIVE! LIVE!” After this performance, another announcement was made by BTS during the broadcast that they’ll perform another original Japanese song Your Eyes Tell (composed by Jungkook) on July 13 on the same show.

On June 23, the UNO Mobile game went live with a new BTS update. To enjoy the BTS-related perks in this game, you have to pay within the game and also make attempts to win.

On the same day, BTS and Big Hit Entertainment donated $1 million to Live Nation’s Crew Nation charity, which, according to Live Nation, is the largest artist donation since the charity’s inception in March. This is just another reminder that BTS’ intense passion for performing only succeeds when the crew members execute the behind the scenes (no pun intended) work and establish an appropriate atmosphere while working on the tour.

The graphic lyrics books of BTS’ songs House of Cards, Butterfly, A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone, RUN and SAVE ME dropped on June 24. One can order these books separately or in a Special Package edition from Weverse Shop.

Another hilarious episode of Run BTS was released on June 23, and it was the second part of the Photo Exhibition theme.

The preview of the August issue of Vogue Japan, which will include BTS as part of their promotions for their Japanese album, was released on June 24. On the same day, j-hope came on VLive where he made another bracelet, this time for ARMY.

In the Weibo Starlight Awards, BTS won the award for “Most Influential Group of the Year.” On TikTok, Hyundai Worldwide released a couple of videos that have the members of BTS in pairs and groups while grooving to “La la la Positive Energy…” On June 25, SUGA uploaded two selfies of him wearing glasses.

A Bangtan Bomb video was released on June 23 in which RM, SUGA, j-hope and Jimin exercised in the dance studio back in January when they were in the US. On June 25, Billboard tweeted that a limited edition BTS box set would be available the next day via Billboard Korea. On June 26, the official press release in Japanese revealed that Stay Gold’s official music video would premiere on the same day at 6PM KST/JST with a special countdown clip on Big Hit’s YouTube channel, unlike their previous Japanese releases on Universal Music Japan’s channel.

The Professor of Harvard Business School Anita Elberse tweeted a screenshot of her case study on BTS titled “Big Hit Entertainment and Blockbuster Band BTS: K-Pop Goes Global” with the text revealing that this will be taught in the classroom soon. In case anyone wants a chance to win a free copy of the report, they have to reply with the #pickme under her tweet.

This week has been very exciting since FESTA wrapped up. Until our next blog, we hope that these next few days will be filled with gold. We Purple You!!!

Written by: Anugya

Edited by: Tori

Designed by: Paige

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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