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Previously ON BTS - Jun 17 – 23

-The Weekly Report-

Jun 17-23

Gather around, ARMY!

It's time for another Previously on BTS. Did you have a lot of things to do this week and couldn't keep up with what the boys were doing? We got you covered!

There is no such thing as a boring week for ARMY, as BTS keeps feeding us with exciting content every day (have you seen J-Hope’s adorable shot of Suga being squished by maknae line or Jin’s shot of “Big Hit’s Three Scarecrows”? BTS spoiled us with a lot of tweets this week!).

So, are you ready to get hyped up?


Run BTS episode 76 was released on 06/18, presenting the final result of their self-produced drama called “Dalbang Room.” This episode came with Behind-the-Scenes and commentary videos, and we can assure you it can make any day a hundred times better. They are hilarious!

BTS released an MV teaser for their upcoming Japanese single “Lights” on 06/21 and it quickly topped the Worldwide Trend list on Twitter while detective-ARMYs speculated that “Lights” has a connection with “Boy With Luv.” Many of the shots took place inside a theater, and we all know “Boy With Luv” took place outside of one. We can't wait to learn more!

A new and the third OST for BTS World was also released on 06/21. This time, it's a collaboration song from RM and Suga with Juice WRLD called “All Night,” which talks about how hard they all work to achieve their dreams, and in all seriousness, we can't stop jamming to it! Have you streamed the song regularly?

One of the most awaited collaborations, Uniqlo and BT21, made its worldwide release on 06/21 (so many things happened this day!), and people from all around the world lined up to get the collection from the nearest outlet. In many countries, the collection sold out on the first day of its release date! So, did you get yours?


BTS started off this week by bringing another trophy home from the 2019 ARDYs on 06/16 (formerly known as the Radio Disney Music Awards). They won The Global Phenom Award, which was created and awarded for the first time this year to commemorate BTS' great influence in the global pop industry.

“Save Me” and “Boy With Luv” became BTS' 8th and 9th MV to reach 400 million views on Youtube, and ARMY celebrated the achievement by trending #SaveMe400M and #BoyWithLuv400M on Twitter.

Another significant milestone that BTS achieved is they broke the record for the Most Music Show Wins of the Century with their 21st win on MBC Music Core! Psy's mega-hit “Gangnam Style” previously held the title with 20 wins in total. We are so proud to see how far they have come!

The Recording Academy announced that they will now accept streaming links—without physical copies—in most Grammy category submissions to make “the online entry submission process more convenient and cost-effective for the users" (Billboard, 2019), which makes RM's mixtape Mono eligible for Grammy nominations. After Love Yourself: Tear received a Grammy nomination for “Best Recording Packaging,” could they make it as a Grammy winner next year? We'll see - fingers crossed!


This weekend marks the second—and the last—stop of BTS' “Magic Shop” Muster at Olympic Gymnastic Arena, Seoul. Before we get emotional about this, V tweeted a sweet gesture from actor Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Shik who sent him a food truck to the Muster. The food truck consists of cheering signs from “Your Brothers, Wuga” and a funny, never-before-seen selca of V (apparently, there are more of them but they decided to “held it in”). V also revealed in the tweet that he got jealous of Jungkook when he received a food truck from actor Yeo Jin Goo during Muster in Busan, so he told his hyungs to also send him a gift to the Muster in Seoul. Jin also got a food truck from his 92-liner friend, Sandeul of B1A4. Jin said this food truck is an exchange and Sandeul left a heart-warming message to the fans, “please eat a lot and take good care of Seokjinnie.” Roger that, Captain!

ARMY also got a surprise teaser for the upcoming BTS World's OST, “Heartbeat,” and this time, it's not a sub-unit song as all seven of them sang in it. The song presumably will be released on 06/26, on the same date as the release of the game itself.

From the comical reenactment of their self-produced “Spine Breaker” MV to the vocal line version of “Ddaeng,” the boys mesmerized us once again with their powerful yet entertaining and cute performances. If you're not able to attend the Muster, don't miss the live stream powered by V Live tonight!

That's it for this week! Turn on our notification on Twitter for the newest release of the magazine and the most updated info about BTS (Issue No. 7: 'PERSONA' is coming and we are sure you're going to love it!) and if you are attending ARMYCon this weekend, don't hesitate to say hi to us as we are hosting a workshop there! Until next week, take care and love yourself!


Images by: BTS and Big Hit

Written by: Avi


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