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Previously ON BTS - Jun 10 – Jun 16

-The Weekly Report-

Jun 10 – Jun 16

Ah, what a week it’s been! From music releases to impressive records being broken, it’s really such an undeniably precious and refreshing time to be with BTS. This week was full of reflections, self-indulgence, nostalgia -- you name it, it probably happened. All of this occurred due to the grand festivity that is BTS’ 6 year anniversary! So let us be one of the final people to officially say:

Happy 6 years with BTS!

With that being said, let’s delve into some of the ways in which this week played out.


Following the already iconic “Tonight”, released by our silver-voiced Kim Seokjin, came an influx of family pictures (#2 and #3), and the last song of this FESTA season. DJ Swivel’s Forever remix of Jungkook’s solo, “Euphoria,” made quite some waves (of tears) amongst the fandom. It is speculated that the video accompanying it was made without Jungkook’s knowledge to show the others’ love for him, similar to how he pays tribute to his hyungs through his GCF films.

Finally, on the 13th of June, the boys posted a 55-minute video of them around a table, revisiting memories over a few drinks and food. As they discussed where life has taken them and where it’ll take them in the future, they added in a pinch of cheesiness, a spoonful of teasing, and enough meaningful words to leave the public sobbing by the end of the video. It was evident that they remain in awe at what luck they must have to find such genuine, loving people to continue supporting them.


The color purple glimmered throughout Busan in the days leading up to BTS’ Muster event in Jimin and Jungkook’s city of origin. The Busan Tourism Organisation held a special meeting regarding the group’s presence, coming up with several ways to celebrate their arrival. They decided upon lighting up the landmarks from across the city in BTS’ representative color, along with tours which introduce fans to the areas in which Jungkook and Jimin grew up.

During Muster, ARMY was pleasantly surprised with a few special gifts. The VCRs were adorable and filled to the brim with plenty of BTS-ARMY inside jokes (such as Namjoon’s clumsy nature). During the “Ddaeng” performance we got a surprise appearance from the vocal line, who rapped along with Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi’s verse -- and completely killed it. In addition, ARMY got to hear some of the fandom’s most loved songs performed live for the very first time: “134340,” “Home,” and “Love Maze.”


On the 14th of June, the second song off of the BTS World OST was launched. “A Brand New Day” features Swedish singer Zara Larsson with Hoseok and Taehyung on the track, a song which by now has left ARMYs and Zara Larsson’s fans with their mouths agape.

The game comes out on the 28th of June (on iOS and Android); we are sure that you are all just as excited as we are to help these guys debut (especially since it feels like we’ve waited a lifetime for this game to come out).


We honestly can’t stress enough how proud we are of this fandom. The way ARMY is able to collectively agree on the fact that these seven people deserve the best in the world remains heartwarming. ARMY feels it is our responsibility to make that all happen, and we happily work together to make it happen. Most recently, MOTS: Persona has raked in 323,000 pure sales in the US alone, something which was done without any bundles, unlike the popular trend of the artists in today’s industry.

Also notable is the fact that BTS just reached their 100th week holding the Nr.1 spot on the Social 50 chart, becoming the first artists to ever achieve such a feat. Perhaps the most exciting milestone is that “Boy With Luv” has become the second most awarded song on a music show, with 19 wins (one less win than the Nr.1 spot).

Now that all is said & done, let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for making BTS’ voices heard each and every day and for spreading the love and respect that they taught us to always have... Amazing. On that note, we wish you all a wonderful day!


Images and Footage by: BTS, Big Hit, KBS & Yonhap New

Written by: Ale

Edit by: Nasty, Marcie, & Anna


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