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Breathe in.. Breathe out..

(preparing to scream out of excitement on top of our lungs)


Alright. Phew. Sorry ARMY. We just feel the need to let go some of the tension from this week. So many things happened. All. At. Once. We just can’t wait to share the excitement with you, our beloved readers. So, without any further ado.. 준비 시작! (Ready, set, go!)

The Smeraldo Effect

Code red, code red, ARMY! Smeraldo Flower Shop (@Smeraldo_Books on Twitter) is now updating notes daily. They posted Namjoon’s note on July 25, where he questioned his belief in his friend, Taehyung. The next day, the account posted Hoseok’s note. The note resonated Hoseok’s fear of losing someone important to him again. On July 27, Taehyung’s note was about one of his dreams, and the misty feeling that he needed to take some action and his fear that he couldn’t do it alone. Next was Jimin’s note on July 28, stating that he’s a bit concerned about Hoseok. On July 29, Jungkook’s note said “Why did they lie to me?”

Now this is where things get interesting. The account started to post interactive polls to decide what notes should be posted next. On July 30, an anonymous note (suspected to be written by Taehyung) was posted, saying that he had a dream about Seokjin and his other friends again. He had to make a choice: call Seokjin first or check if his friends are okay. Majority of the readers chose the former, so that’s what he did. Apparently, he couldn’t find Seokjin but saw that he planned to go to Yoongi’s workroom, where Taehyung saw a suspicious SUV following Yoongi in his dream. At this point, we needed to make a choice again: follow Yoongi or follow the SUV. This is the latest tweet from the account and we can’t wait to see where the wind blows!

BTS on Charts & Achievements

Rolling Stone recently released an article listing the 75 Greatest Boyband Songs of All Time. BTS have 4 songs on the list, with Moon being in the highest ranking (#5) followed by Spring Day (#19), Euphoria (#34), and FAKE LOVE (#56). MOTS : 7 still stands strong in the Album Charts in various countries, such as Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand and more. On Spotify, V has surpassed 1 million followers, RM has surpassed 3 million followers, and BTS has reached 10.7 billion streams.

Moving on to YouTube, WAB : the Eternal has reached 30 million views (and 50 million streams on Spotify), Outro : Ego has reached 65 million views, Dope 580 million views, and Airplane pt.2 135 million views. Also, BTS’ Carpool Karaoke with James Corden became the most liked Carpool Karaoke video.

BTS and Halsey won International Video Of The Year for Boy With Luv at the MYX Awards, while the “Love Yourself” series won the 2020 Red Dot Award in "Brand & Communication Design" for its album packaging. Lights was also certified Silver by RIAJ and BTS has ranked first for 189 weeks on Billboard Social 50.

BTS Endorsements

T-Money is going to launch the second version of transportation cards with BTS, consisting of lenticular cards which can be purchased in Korea, starting from August 6. As part of their collab’ with BTS, Baskin Robbins revealed a new ice cream flavor, BORA BORA. They also launched a TVCF starring RM and SUGA, and a making-of video. In order to celebrate Friendship Day, UNICEF posted several videos of BTS, reminiscing the END Violence and Love Myself Campaign.

BTS performed Boy With Luv and ON at the Tokopedia online event, Waktunya Indonesia Belanja, on July 29. The quality of the camera and the set left almost everyone in awe. News just came out on July 31 that BTS would appear in an upcoming episode of I-LAND, a survival show that is a joint venture between Big Hit and CJ E&M. However, there is no further information, so all we can do is hope that we see BTS as mentors.

Ding Dong, You Got A Notification!

On July 26, we got a notification from VLive that BTS was doing a livestream. It was Ji Jin Jung’s Radio (Jimin, Jin and Jungkook, soon joined by the other members) and they announced that an English single would drop on August 21. To say that we were in shock understates the storm raging inside our minds! It didn’t take long for Columbia Records and Sony to drop a mysterious countdown with several timers inside. We have no idea what will happen next, but this is exciting, isn’t it?

A BANGTAN BOMB, starring a cute dog on the Boy With Luv set was released on July 25. Then on July 28, detailed information was revealed about a new show called “In The SOOP BTS Ver.” It will focus on things that BTS’ members do when they have time off, and it will be aired on JTBC and Weverse starting from August 19.

On July 30, it was announced that BANG BANG CON The Live VOD is available for purchase and replay on Weverse. A thorough explanation about the 7th Global Official Fanclub ARMY Membership also dropped the same day. From August 14, several versions of the new membership will be available (online membership only, also membership with or without a kit and/or merchandise). Tiny Tan also opened a Twitter account and we love their cuteness.

Last but not least, RM posted another sequence of sky photos on Twitter with the caption “Catching Clouds”. BTS and Jimin dropped selfies on Twitter after their VLive on July 26. A surprise also came from Jungkook when he tweeted a 1 minute cover of Dan + Shay’s 10000 Hours, before deleting it almost immediately. Luckily for us, he posted a link to SoundCloud where the full version of his cover can be found.

That’s pretty much it! Thank you for tuning in with us ARMY, stay healthy and hydrated, 보라해!

Written by: Avi

Edited by: Alice

Designed by: Achan

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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