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Previously on BTS January 6-January 12: Welcome to 7

ARRRRRMMMMYYYYY!!!! The comeback has been announced! We are officially in the Map of The Soul: 7 era and we couldn’t be more excited. News of the comeback was dropped by BTSofficial twitter on January 7, 7am PST. Preorders start on January 9th and will continue until the album drops on February 21st.

Is this your first comeback? If so, we have some tips for you! Comebacks in the K-pop world means a new album is being released. The time from the announcement until the official drop date includes concept photos, teasers, track lists, album covers, and the intro. The title track(s) are usually saved for last.

With BTS specifically, BigHit releases the graphic or tweet letting fans know a comeback is on the way. A day or two later, the pre-order will drop. This pre-order time will last until the day of release. Usually a month or few weeks, within that time, ARMY are in ‘12KST phobia’ as anything could be released without notice.

With the last few comebacks, there has been a system that BigHit has followed that allowed ARMYs to guess and prepare themselves for things like the tracklist, concept photos, comeback trailer and more. This comeback, however, Bighit has changed up their game and left ALL ARMY snatched and bewildered. The same week we got the comeback announcement, SUGA’s Interlude: Shadow was released and we got a comeback map letting us know exactly what days to expect something new.

As you can see from the official comeback map, we have not one but two (2) comeback trailers. EGO will be released on Feb 3 KST. Connect, BTS will be released on Feb 5. What is Connect, BTS? We have no idea. This is something completely new for all ARMY.

Album pre-orders

Albums usually run for about $25 on Amazon. BTSOfficial has posted the official pre-order links, but be careful US ARMY! Do not order from Weply if you want your purchase to count for BB100!

This year, the albums contents are:

  • Four versions

  • Photo book

  • Lyric book

  • Cd

  • Mini HYYH book

  • 1 photo card (1 of 32, 8 different kinds per version)

  • Postcard

  • Sticker

  • Coloring paper

  • And a poster.

Don't be overwhelmed if this seems like a lot, this is fairly common for recent comebacks! You don't have to rush and preorder your album(s) the first day. You can order anytime until the release date and even afterwards! Your purchase will still count for the charts.

ARMY's own comeback schedule looks pretty busy already:

January 9

Interlude: Shadow was dropped on youtube. The intro and site map surprised both veteran ARMY and baby ARMY. SUGA did amazing on his intro and the hints dating back to ORUL8:2! Threw the fandom for a loop. Speculation is that J-HOPE’s Intro, EGO will be dating back to Dark&Wild era. Are you ready for that???

In terms of records, SUGA’s intro reached 19.6 million views in 24 hours, and 1 million likes in 30 minutes, this makes it BTSs’ fastest intro trailer to reach these numbers! Congrats again ARMY!

January 10

Interlude: Shadow trailer shooting video was posted on BANGTANTV. Be delighted in seeing SUGA smiling throughout the video while recording his intro.

January 11

BTS Spotify has surpassed 8 billion streams!!! They are the 7th and youngest group to meet this record!

Connect_BTS has begun and the first post is from our Jungkook on Twitter! He posted a picture of himself with a map of different pictures from all over the world.

Our prediction is we'll have an amazing comeback! What are you most excited for?

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