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The connection between BTS and ARMY is no joke. When the boys rehearse for their comeback, ARMY rehearse their streaming skills. If they perform on a show, ARMY massively cheer them on. They invest their soul in the smallest events… So do ARMY! Let’s get ready for a recap of another crazy week!

Grammy Awards Ceremony

On January 27th (KST), after a week of discrete rehearsals, BTS arrived to the Grammys’ Red carpet dressed in astonishingly classy outfits. Being the first Korean act to perform at the Grammys, they performed Old Town Road with Lil Nas X and other artists. They were the most mentioned artists during the Ceremony on Twitter. After the Grammys, BTS posted some selfies and held a V Live broadcast to share their thoughts about the short yet meaningful stage they were given, and their wish to come back with a nomination.

Q & A in L. A.

24 hours later, ARMY enjoyed a live Q&A session at iHeartRadio. The boys were welcomed on stage by a crowd of ARMYs taking pictures with their mobile phones and re-enacting Map Of The Soul: 7 'Interlude: Shadow' Comeback Trailer (which has now reached over 50 M views on YouTube). BTS humorously answered the questions in English. Lauv popped by to confirm a collab with BTS on his next album and praised BTS for being “the nicest boys on the planet”. The broadcast also included a Chicken Noodle Soup dance by J-Hope and the maknae line, a glimpse of Suga’s Interlude, and Black Swan. Jin playfully described their next album as “Worldwide Album” and J-Hope declared: “ARMY, be proud! You brought us here and made us shine. We’ll show you that your efforts were worth it”. We cannot wait to see what they have in store, can we, ARMY?

From Black Swan to hide-and-seek

Hectic schedule, you think? Well, let’s talk about their first performance of Black Swan on James Corden’s Late Late Show. This iconic moment happened on January 29th (KST) and even the best prepared ARMY couldn’t anticipate such a masterpiece. In all-black sexy outfits, barefoot BTS offered a dreamlike choreography, leaving the audience dazzled. Before the performance, they went through a hilarious interview during which V declared that making dance mistakes is not in his vocabulary. ARMY laughed again when James Corden set up a hide-and-seek game with Ashton Kutcher and BTS. SUGA and V blended with the staff, while Jungkook chose to act like a cameraman, in plain sight. Jin hid in the show’s photo booth but ended up like a sack of potatoes on Ashton Kutcher’s back.


Later, came a festival of after-show interactions with the members. Jungkook was first to go with a selfie accompanied with purple hearts, Jin shared a photo of himself from the photobooth with the caption “The spot next to Tom Cruise hyungnim was free, so I immediately occupied it”. Then SUGA and RM took their turn to entertain ARMY via Twitter and Weverse. And Tae Tae FM 6.13 was back as V went live. The session featured J-Hope (who revealed that V kicked him during Black Swan) and RM. Relaxed and happy, V also covered a few songs and we can’t get enough of his versions of Someone You Loved and Euphoria.

After a short period of rest, RM shared some pictures he took at the Board Museum in L. A. and a picture of his new sparkling microphone. Suga dropped a picture of himself, sitting next to the rapper Logic in his studio, which sparked ARMY’s curiosity. On Twitter, J-Hope posted two mirror selfies in their L.A practice room, and Jimin posted a selfie with RM on Weverse. ARMY also found out that SUGA went to a Lakers Game in L.A. with Max.


Big Hit was busy too. They launched a fan club raffle for Seoul concerts in April. On Instagram, they shared short videos of the members gearing up for the Late Late Show. They also added a new date to the Map of the Soul: 7 Tour, in Europe, and kicked off a new Connect, BTS project in Seoul featuring the artist Ann Veronica Janssens, whose exhibition sold out in no time.

Even the youngest ARMYs have been spoiled with the releases of the latest issue of Time for Kids with BTS on the cover and BT21 Shooky’s story on YouTube.

Furthermore, BTS won their 40th daesang to date, at the Seoul Music Awards, for MOTS: Persona and a bonsang for Boy with Luv. They didn’t attend the ceremony but sent an appreciation video.

As per usual, a new episode of Run BTS! was released. They played to a customized board game involving a pedometer and various challenges. And BTS sure are very creative when it comes to putting a pedometer everywhere but on their feet.

Lastly, Big Hit released a company photoshoot with BTS, TXT and Lee Hyun to celebrate their 15th anniversary. How are you doing, ARMY?

On that note ARMY, get ready! Ego’s comeback trailer is about to be released, and we may not be as ready as we think.

Written by: Hel. B

Edited by: Lisa

Designed by: Kaitlyn

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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