Hey ARMY! Welcome back to another “Previously on BTS”. These past few weeks resulted in many award wins, new pictures of BTS, content from Weverse, TinyTAN, and partnerships. Keep reading on to find out exactly what BTS has been up to.

January 4

Weverse Magazine published SUGA’s interview, concluding the interview series, which started with Jimin in late November. In the interview, he talked about how his surgery affected his performances and what he did during recovery. The interview also discussed the inspiration, lyrics, and style of BE. The magazine has been published in Korean, English, and Japanese.

January 6

Who doesn't love Bangtan Bombs? On January 6, ARMY got to see a quick behind the scenes glimpse of the iconic “7” poses at the February 2020 MOTS: 7 press conference.

January 7

RM shared pictures of 7 duck shaped snowballs with the caption “DTS..🌨🐥”, which stands for Ducktan Sonyeondan. Many ARMYs were quick to post their own snow creations, while others were questioning when the duck snowball maker was going to sell out because of RM’s post, which now has 2.3 million likes.

Later that day, j-hope tweeted a few pictures of him bundled up in all green outside, holding an iced coffee. He said his hands were frozen!

January 9

The first day of the Golden Disk Awards (Digital Song Division) began on January 9. All seven members attended, with ARMY excited about SUGA being back in person and Jungkook’s new blonde hair! BTS won a Bonsang for Best Digital Song for Dynamite.

January 10

The next day of the Golden Disk Awards (Album Division) resulted in 3 awards for BTS: the CURAPROX GOLDEN DISC Most Popular Artist, Best Album Bonsang, and the Best Album Daesang. BTS also performed on this night. Highlights of their performances included a SUGA center in the intro of Black Swan, although he didn’t perform the choreography. Also on the set list was ON, Dynamite-Slow Jam Remix, and an OT7 Life Goes On performance which featured miniature sets of previous MVs and replicas of their concept rooms from the recent album.

January 12

BTS broke yet another record and became Spotify’s most streamed K-pop artist in 2020. They are the first Asian act in Spotify history to have over 10 songs with more than 200 million streams.

January 13

BTS won a total of 6 trophies at the 2021 Gaon Chart Music Awards. Three of them were for Artist of the Year - Digital Music for ON (February), Dynamite (August), and Life Goes On (November). Two of the six trophies were for Artist of the Year - Physical Album for MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 and BE. The last award was for Retail Album of the Year for MAP OF THE SOUL : 7.

January 14

Samsung started promoting new products in partnership with BTS. The promotional materials featured photos and videos of BTS holding the new Samsung products. Check out the content on Samsung’s official Twitter account. ARMY loved the promotional pictures of BTS with many accounts tweeting about them and some fans ignoring the phone in the members hands!

January 16

TinyTAN released a new animation video on YouTube called “TinyTAN: Dream ON” that made ARMY emotional from the symbolism (the color purple, the whale, and 00:00 (Zero O’Clock) playing in the background) featured within the animation. Many ARMYs think that the animation is dedicated to the fans for the hard times that they went through last year.

January 20

RM went live on VLive to chat and welcome the new year with ARMY. He provided updates with what he has been doing recently and answered questions in the chat. He said that he waited a year to use his duck snowball maker and ended up breaking it. He talked about scoring a 915 (out of 990) on the TOEIC test, which had ARMYs promptly freak out due to such a high score. He also discussed dramas and music that he had recently enjoyed.

January 21

BTS has been invited to the upcoming Louis Vuitton (LV) fashion show. Louis Vuitton’s official Twitter account tweeted a video of BTS opening their invitation. In response, j-hope also tweeted photos featuring the invitation, a coffee cup with his name and a LV cupsleeve, and a LV knit sweater with a knit bear attached to the collar.

ARMY has been well fed for the past few weeks with plenty of performances, content, interactions and tweets. We hope that you enjoyed this recap of everything that has happened so far this month!

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