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Although it was quiet in the world of BTS, our boys have been busy gearing up some exciting new content. There was much for ARMY to look forward to and to enjoy, from stunning selfies to new awards under BTS' belt. Let's get into it!

Sweet Blessings for BTS and ARMY

On January 23, BTS released a new Bangtan Bomb on YouTube, documenting Jin’s 29th (Korean age) birthday celebrations. The video starts with Jungkook and j-hope preparing and presenting Jin's birthday cake, with V following close behind them. Jin is then adorably showered with love and good wishes by his fellow members. In a Weverse update, RM and j-hope also wished fans a happy new year. Sweet Night, V’s OST from the 2020 hit K-drama, “Itaewon Class”, won the award for Best OST at the APAN Music Awards. Congratulations V on a well-deserved win!

On January 24, BTS announced that they would be releasing BE (Essential Edition) on February 19, with pre-orders starting on January 25. According to our theorist ARMYs, this release date has been teased in previous BTS MVs. With this album, BTS wishes to celebrate and show their appreciation for everything that happened in the previous year, from the Grammy nomination to achieving number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Despite how tumultuous 2020 had been, ARMY’s love for BTS has never wavered. At the APAN Music Awards, BTS won APAN Top 10, Idol Champ’s Fan Pick Group and the daesang award for no. 1 achievement, marking their 54th daesang overall!

Fun Times at Tokopedia and Run BTS!

Jungkook started January 25 off with a bang, as he uploaded a cute selfie on Twitter with his blonde hair on display, sending ARMY into havoc. BTS also made an appearance on "WIB TV Show" as part of Tokopedia, Indonesia’s biggest e-commerce platform. They performed Dynamite, and had an interview, where V even sang a snippet of Holy by Justin Bieber. Tokopedia then announced that BTS would become one of their 2021 brand ambassadors. Luckily for Indonesian fans, they will continue to appear on the platform for a few more days.

The 126th episode of Run BTS! was released on January 26, featuring the members playing the “777 Lucky Seven” special game. The idea was proposed by BTS themselves in order to test their luck – the boys played 14 games in total and if they passed all of them, they could go home. The games included bouncing ping pong balls, stacking plastic cups, doing the spider web challenge, playing with hula hoops and many more.

BTS also dropped their preview spot for their soon-to-be-released “2021 BTS Winter Package.” The video shows the seven members near the sea in Gangwon, lighting a match. It then switches to a montage of the boys enjoying their winter together, with Life Goes On playing in the background.

Even More Delicious BTS Content

More teasers for BTS' “2021 Winter Package” were released on January 27, as photos were posted on both BTS' official Instagram and Weverse. The members interacted with a few lucky ARMYs on Weverse, complimenting their artwork and crafts. Deezer also announced that BTS had curated a special Pocket Songs playlist for their platform.

BTS continued to spoil us with more added preview cuts on January 28, releasing three posts on Instagram to get ARMY excited for their “2021 BTS Winter Package.” The members all looked elegant, dressed in black. Even Jungkook embraced his wonderful, long hair. Behind-the-scenes footage from episode 126 of Run BTS! was released for ARMYs to enjoy. BTS also appeared on SBS’ “Delicious Rendezvous” program, where they did a video call with famous chef, Baek Jongwon.

A Message to LOVE MYSELF

On January 29, Jin uploaded a selfie with Baek Jongwon on Twitter. As a cooking enthusiast, we can only imagine how excited Jin must have been to meet him. On Instagram, BTS' official account released more previews from the “2021 BTS Winter Package.” Our boys were all donned in warm scarves and jackets, as they huddled next to the windmills and posed for the camera. There was a new blog posted on the Love Myself website titled, “May your New Year’s Resolutions be filled with LOVE MYSELF!” In the blog, each member greeted 2021 and expressed their goals for the new year.

That wraps up the week! Without a doubt, BTS has already begun 2021 by sweetening our lives with wonderful content. What was your BTS highlight?

Written by: Lindsay

Edited by: Sanam

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.


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