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Day by day, with passionate music and love for ARMY, BTS continually soars high into the sky, proving that they have much more to unveil. This week was no different; packed with astonishing achievements, good news, and fantastic teasers for upcoming projects. So ARMY, ready to see what BTS had in store this week?

The Successful “Bang Bang Con 21”

Following the success of the previous online concerts (“Bang Bang Con”, “Bang Bang Con: The Live”, and “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E”), “Bang Bang Con 21” set a new viewership record with over 2.7 million peak concurrent viewers, surpassing the first “Bang Bang Con” with 2.24 million viewers. ARMY trended #BANGBANGCON21 and #ThankYouBTS on Twitter to hopefully make this an annual event in the future. Closing “Bang Bang Con 21” perfectly, j-hope tweeted how much he missed ARMY and performing live, along with two backstage selfies and two pictures from a concert venue. We feel you, j-hope!

Photo Credit @BTS_twt on Twitter

It’s BTS’ World, We’re Just Living In It

Our hands can no longer count the number of BTS’ endorsements and collaborations! This week, Hyundai released a short film featuring BTS in commemoration of Earth Day and Coway Global announced a new air purifier ad featuring the boys. Smart Communications Inc. also teased about their new feature including BTS and the much anticipated ad premiered on April 22 in the Philippines.

Another commotion was caused by one of the world’s largest fast food companies, McDonald’s, when they posted a picture of seven french fries forming BTS’ logo (we love the details!) all over their social media. The BTS Meal is coming, and it will be ready for order on May 26 in nearly 50 countries.

T-Money announced that they will be releasing a limited edition BTS mirror card nationwide, with only 150,000 cards available to buy from April 29. However, what made our jaw drop was the shocking-not-shocking announcement from the fashion house Louis Vuitton, which proudly revealed that BTS (yes, all 7 of them!) is their new House Ambassador. The luxury brand claimed that they are delighted to build a partnership with “the world renowned Pop Icons, recognized for their uplifting messages that impart a positive influence.” Now THAT’s what we call news!

BTS’ Releases, Achievements, and Performances

Yoongi was active on Twitter. He first posted a photo of his “new friend,” a Barefoot MicroMain26 speaker. Then, he came with a selfie and stated that the weather was nice. Taehyung also posted a snippet of him singing, most likely for his highly anticipated mixtape.

Following “Bang Bang Con 21”, HYBE re-released previous merch lines from the “Love Yourself” and “Speak Yourself” tours, and from the “5th Muster.” HYBE also announced Learn! KOREAN with TinyTAN, the new version of their “Learn! KOREAN” series of books, to be released on April 26.

The same day, episode 138 of Run! BTS aired. In this episode, BTS learned how to professionally play table tennis, directly from the South Korean Olympic Gold medalist, Ryu Seungmin, and a KTTA-certified 1st grade referee, Park Jongbeom.

On April 22, HYBE dropped a preview cut for MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E Concept Photobook, both Clue and Route versions, causing a mass heart attack within the fandom. Guess who sold the first batch of pre-orders in only five minutes? Yep, we did that, AGAIN!

BTS became the first group to surpass 40M followers on Instagram, then surpassed 16.3B streams on Spotify. Dynamite also placed #7 on the Billboard Global Excl. US Chart, and MAP OF THE SOUL : 7 returned to #1 on this week’s World Album Chart. Boy With Luv surpassed 22M likes on YouTube, making BTS the first act in YouTube history to have two MVs, Dynamite and Boy With Luv, surpassing this milestone. BTS was nominated in three categories for the 25th annual Webby Awards. You can see the complete nominations list as well as vote for BTS here.

According to Korean media, RM will be collaborating with eAeon for his upcoming album on a song called Don’t, which will be out on April 30. BTS then sealed the week on Tokopedia WIB TV Show Spesial Ramadan Ekstra. They performed Life Goes On and played several games with the hosts while doing interviews.

Phew, that was a lot to catch up! Stay tuned on our page for more BTS updates, ARMY! Until next time, 보라 해~

Written by: Avi

Edited by: LJ

Designed by: ThornToHisRose

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