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Previously on BTS - Hiatus?

When BigHit shared the press release that BTS would be on a 2-month hiatus/vacation, ARMYs celebrated BTS’ well-deserved vacation upon hearing the news. Some ARMYs placed their social media on "rest", spoke of catching up on all BTS content and saving money for all future BTS purchases.

How wrong were we? Let's start at the beginning of August.


Week 5th - 10th

Week 5th - 10th August

On August 7th, BTS released the docu-series "Bring The Soul" in theatres worldwide. In the movie, "members shared their real and untold stories by opening up to each other and the fans."

Week 11th - 17th

BTS Vacation begins

Lotte Duty-Free concert was the last performance done by BTS before their vacation began. BTS was last seen on stage at the end of their European Love Yourself - Speak Yourself Tour in France. Thus the Lotte Duty-Free dominant stage performances and new looks (*cough cough* Long Hair Bangtan *cough cough*) caused quite a stir within the fandom.

  • By the end of the first few weeks of BTS hiatus, we soon realized that although BTS was on vacation, we weren’t.

  • Starting with Bighit release of the trailer for BTS’ six-episode docu-series Bring The Soul with the premiere date on the 27th of August. This series teased at a more in-depth discussion with the members, than those seen in the BTS movie.

  • Forbes also reported that BTS became the first K-Pop act to chart three albums on the Billboard 200 twice simultaneously. A feat accomplished by the BTS OST for their game BTS WORLD re-entering the charts.

Week 18th - 24th

Week 25th - 31st

  • The much anticipated BANGTAN BOMB from 2019 Billboard Music Awards was finally released and it was much more than we ARMYs expected.

  • ARMYs also enjoyed the first episode of Bring the Soul docu-series titled "Challenge."

  • As the docu-series premiered, at the end of August, Forbes reported that the film Bring The Soul earned 24.3 million dollars as it earned another record for profit made for an event movie.

  • Although unable to attend, BTS won two MTV VMAs in the Best Group and Best Kpop Category.


Week 1st -7th


ARMYs all over the world took to all social media platforms to share our birthday greetings to our maknae Jeon Jungkook. Along with projects, donations, letters and creations, ARMYs may have also crashed a website or two in our enthusiasm to share our love for Jungkook (sorry Twitter). While also taking over the Twitter trends for the whole day, which caught the eye of some famous people (Hi Mr. William Shatner).

Week 8th - 14th


ARMYs around the world were giddy with excitement to celebrate our BTS leader's Birthday. This time, although we didn't break any websites, we still took over all social media platforms to shower Namjoon with beautiful words, creations, and projects. One such project highlighted RM's love of nature as 250 fans planted a forest in his honor. ARMYs outpouring of love was so immense that RM wrote a very