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Previously on BTS: Fun Content and New Memories July 31 - August 13

Hey, ARMY! Today we have a recap of two weeks worth of memories with BTS, that’s right, two weeks of pure fun BTS content. Let’s just get right to it!

Weverse interviews, photos, and a feature!

Throughout the past two weeks, Weverse Magazine gave us more Butter content. The Butter album release interviews continued their rollout with SUGA’s and Jimin’s feature. SUGA talked about different experimentations and styles in his music and shared his in-depth view of the music industry in general. Jimin discussed how he was able to mirror his present emotions onto their latest singles. He also showed a more vulnerable side as he reflected on his past thoughts and how he was able to learn to put himself first, too. Cuts were then released to wrap up this series of interviews.

BTS did a quick feature with TIME Magazine and shared what it was like to explore releasing songs in English and how both Butter and Permission To Dance (PTD) strived to become hits that people could take comfort in during these hard times. The boys also did a fun interview with WIRED answering the most searched questions about them on Google.

But wait, before we move on, did you know that PTD’s original lyrics started out as a love song? Find out more in the behind-the-scenes article of the making of the song. It goes on to highlight an extensive look at BTS’ collaboration with Ed Sheeran and the challenges of producing the song over Zoom calls.

Never a dull day on BANGTANTV

What’s a BTS week (make that two) without one or two Bangtan Bombs or Episodes? This time we got to see their backstage shenanigans at the 2020 MAMA and during the making of HOME and Dynamite for The Tonight Show last year. The Butter: Epilogue Film was also released making us wonder if it’s really the end of the Butter era. What do you think, ARMY?

BTS’ English songs continue to make global waves

Butter spent its 9th straight week on the BB Hot 100, marking the longest streak of any song on the chart so far this year. In true Bangtan fashion, RM, SUGA, and j-hope all expressed their heartfelt gratitude to ARMY for making this historic moment possible. Butter further proved its longevity on the same chart by garnering the #4 spot the following week. BTS’ English singles also did well on the BB Hot 100 in Japan as Permission To Dance, Butter and Dynamite charted at #2, #3, and #9 respectively. The subsequent week, PTD and Butter held their positions, while Dynamite rose two spots to #7. Dynamite also won International Video of the Year at the MYX Awards 2021 in the Philippines.

The Permission To Dance Challenge was also hyped up with RM posting a short video of himself vibing along to his part and Elton John responding the following day with his own version of the challenge. Legends supporting legends, we love to see it!

The BTS content we all love is back

To give way for PTD promotions in July, our favorite variety show, Run BTS! took a backseat, but now our boys are back with two brand new episodes! They took us back in time to the Joseon Dynasty era for a continuation of BTS Village. With part 1 and part 2, we’re at the edge of our seats to find out who’s tricking who in part 3 next week!

Jin visited us on VLive shortly after BTS’ Zoom call event with 200 lucky ARMYs. The following day, Jimin came to chat with us too while he was on his way to his next schedule.

More BTS content through their different endorsements

With BTS’ growing list of endorsements, it might be difficult to keep up, but don’t worry, we got you! Releases such as Tokopedia’s 12th Anniversary CF, XYLITOL’s Smile behind-the-scenes, Lotte Duty Free pictures, and FILA’s Fall Collection were seen in the brands’ respective social media platforms.

Samsung launched the new Galaxy Z Flip3 and released a 3-minute advertisement featuring BTS. The company also revealed that SUGA produced his own reimagined version of one of the built-in default ringtones for the Samsung Galaxy series, Over the Horizon.

One last thing! The nominees for this year’s MTV Video Music Awards were revealed and BTS are nominated in five different categories namely Song of the Year, Best Pop, Best-K-pop, Best Choreography, and Best Editing. The VMAs will be held in New York City and broadcasted live through the MTV channel on September 12. Voting has already started, so get your votes in!

What two busy weeks! We can’t wait to see what BTS has in store for us next so make sure to watch this space, ARMY!

Written by: Denise

Edited by: Alice

Designed by: rei

ARMY Magazine does not own any of the photos/videos shared in our blog. No copyright infringement intended.

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