Previously on BTS: Fun Collaborations, Teasers and Butter May 15-21

In the next few weeks, BTS has many things to prepare for, including promotions for their newest single Butter. However, this week was already packed with teasers and daily updates as BTS got ready for their comeback and collaborations.

May 15

The week started with a BANGTAN BOMB focusing on behind-the-scenes footage from BTS’ IDOL performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, at Gyeongbok Palace. While Jin was speaking, j-hope and Jungkook came over and hijacked the camera for fun - with a mini cameo of RM. V took over soon after, the other members’ silly hijinks audible in the background. On that same day, V also sent his good friend actor Park Seojoon good wishes through a video message, for his online fan meeting.

May 16

RM tweeted a black-and-white sentimental photo of himself holding an umbrella at the beach. A blonde j-hope also posted a selfie on Weverse. As part of BTS’ digital cover spotlight, Rolling Stone released Jin’s digital cover story. He talked about rock songs, what life is like while being off-tour, and being handsome. Plus, BTS performed Life Goes On, Telepathy, and Dynamite at the online Lotte Duty Free Family Concert, live streamed on TikTok.

May 17

To gear up for the debut of Butter, BTS released their second batch of teaser photos. In these photos, the members looked suave, all dressed in black and white clothes, contrasting against the color yellow surrounding them. Jungkook even posed with a bowl of popcorn, while j-hope looked ready to slather his pancakes with butter.

Continuing their spotlight of BTS, Rolling Stone magazine uploaded Jungkook’s digital cover story. Among a plethora of promotional news, Good Morning America announced that BTS will perform in their Summer Concert Series on May 28. Leading up to the start of their upcoming collaboration with BTS, McDonald’s tweeted a concept photo of RM enjoying a chicken nugget. It’s adorable to see this collaboration take on the format of a comeback with concept photos!

May 18

Up until here, there were only two days left until Butter came out – and a special teaser was released for it. During most of its 23 seconds, the members stood in a row, wearing suits and bobbing their heads to the rhythm of the groovy beat and bass.

RM’s digital cover story for Rolling Stone was released, in which he talked about BTS’ beginnings, his favorite rappers, and more. J-hope tweeted a selfie, showcasing new additions to his KAWS figurine collection. McDonald’s also tweeted a photo of Jin sipping a drink. To finish it off, BTS also won Best Music Documentary at the MTV Awards for “Break the Silence.”

May 19

Rolling Stone highlighted SUGA’s digital story cover, where he talked about depression, striving for success, and his music production process, while McDonald’s posted his concept photo in which he is happily eating fries, complete with the cute caption, “nothing sweeter than SUGA.”

At the 25th Annual Webby Awards, BTS won General Video, Events, & Livestreams for “Dear Class of 2020”; General Video, Variety, & Reality for “BTS Carpool Karaoke”; and General Virtual & Remote Music for “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E.”

May 20

Rolling Stone uploaded V’s digital cover story where he discussed his upcoming mixtape (which is sure to get fans excited), his love for classic films, and what it was like originally being a secret member of BTS. McDonald’s posted j-hope’s concept photo, in which he munched on fries, looking snazzy in a royal blue blazer. Additionally, BBC announced that BTS will be appearing on The One Show on May 24, at 7pm BST. On Weverse, Jin and RM both posted, exclaiming their excitement and anticipation for Butter.

May 21

Finally, the release day for Butter arrived! During the countdown for the music video, BTS talked about the song and anticipated its release alongside fans. After the official release, BTS held a global press conference for the song. The whole group donned suits and fans took special notice of V’s permed hair.

Butter is exactly what we expected and more; it blends rock and pop, presenting a funky tune that anyone can get down to. The music video is fun and features BTS in multiple settings - from a press room to a school gym to a stage - with all-around good vibes.

This week was certainly an exciting one as we counted down the days to the release of Butter, and it was well worth the wait! Look out for all the upcoming collaborations featuring BTS, and stay safe until the next update!

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